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KFC is a fast food chain that has more outlets in South Africa than any other fast food brand. KFC is known for it’s Southern fried chicken with their menu featuring chicken burgers, fried chicken and chicken products like pops, wings and more.

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KFC Price List

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Delivery Duo DealR100.00
All in One FeastR99.00
Streetwise 5R69.00

LETS GO 50/50

Crunch Burger 50/50R12.45
Buddy Coke No Sugar 50/50R7.95
Snack Burger 50/50R8.95
50% off Sparkling KrusherR9.95
Reg chips 50/50R8.45
Small Pops 50/50R9.95
Choc Sundae 50/50R9.45


Triple Birthday BarrelR149.90
Kentucky for 2 with buddy drinksR110.90
Kentucky for 2 with soda fountain drinksR99.90
9 COB for R99R99.00
6 for R69R69.00
Strawberry MilkshakeR19.90
Chocolate MilkshakeR19.90
Oreo SundaeR14.90


12 Piece FeastR199.90
KFC For 4R125.00
9 Piece Bucket + FREE Large ChipsR124.90
3 x Colonel Burger + 1 FREER119.70
3x Zinger Burger + 1 FREER119.70
Streetwise 5R70.00
2 x Classic TwistersR70.00
2x Sweet Chilli TwistersR70.00
Streetwise 3 & More + FREE Mini LoafR62.80
2x Zinger BurgersR60.00
2 x Colonel BurgersR60.00


21 Piece BucketR274.90
15 Piece BucketR199.90
9 Piece BucketR124.90


Family Treat 10pcR229.90
Family Treat 8pcR199.90
Triple Birthday BarrelR149.90
All-in-One FeastR129.90
Kentucky for 2 with buddy drinksR110.90
Kentucky for 2 with soda fountain drinksR99.90


Tangy Zinger Twister Box with Buddy DrinkR89.90
Hawaiian Twister Box with Buddy DrinkR89.90
Sweet Chilli Cheese Twister Box with Buddy DrinkR89.90
Fully Loaded Box with Buddy BottleR84.90
Tangy Zinger Twister Box with Soda Fountain DrinkR79.90
Hawaiian Twister Box with Soda Fountain DrinkR79.90
Sweet Chilli Cheese Twister Box with Soda Fountain DrinkR79.90
All Star Box with Buddy BottleR64.90
All Star Box With Small DrinkR59.90
Nugget Box BuddyR54.90
Nugget Box with Sweet Chilli Sauce Crunch Burger and BuddyR54.90
Wrapsta Box with a Buddy BottleR54.90
Nugget Box No Sugar SFR49.90
Nugget Box No-Sugar Soda Fountain DrinkR49.90
Wrapsta Box with Small DrinkR49.90


Double Crunch BurgerR49.90
Colonel BurgerR39.90
Zinger BurgerR39.90
Crunch BurgerR24.90
Snack BurgerR19.90
Snack Burger - 50/50R8.95
Sweet Chilli Cheese TwisterR44.90
Tangy Zinger TwisterR44.90
Hawaiian TwisterR44.90
Classic TwisterR44.90
Sweet Chilli TwisterR44.90


Streetwise Five with ChipsR84.90
Streetwise Three with ChipsR49.90
Streetwise Three with Regular PapR49.90
Streetwise Two with ChipsR34.90
Streetwise Two with Regular PapR34.90
Streetwise One with ChipsR24.90


24 Zinger WingsR139.90
10 Dunked WingsR74.90
10 Zinger WingsR64.90
4 Dunked WingsR34.90
4 Zinger WingsR29.90


4 Dunked WingsR34.90
Dunked PopsR29.90
Oreo KrusherR29.90
Verry Berry KrusherR29.90
4 Hot Zinger WingsR29.90
Crunch BurgerR24.90
Snack BurgerR19.90
Virgin Mojito Sparkling KrusherR19.90
Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling KrusherR19.90
Strawberry MilkshakeR19.90
Chocolate MilkshakeR19.90
Chocolate SundaeR19.90
Mixed Berry SundaeR19.90
Oreo Sundae TreatR14.90
Soft Twirl with ChocR9.90
Soft TwirlR6.90


Dunked WingsR74.90
Zinger WingsR64.90
Regular Sprinkles PopsR37.90
9pc NuggetsR29.90
6pc NuggetsR24.90
Mash & GravyR18.90
1 Piece ChickenR17.90
Mini LoafR8.90
Colonel Dip NuggetsR5.00
Sweet Chilli Dip NuggetsR5.00


1.5 Litre Exl.Coca-ColaR24.00
1.5 Litre Non Sugar DrinkR22.00
1L Soft DrinkR21.90
440ml Buddy BottleR15.90
Cappy JuiceR14.90
500ml Bonaqua Still Spring WaterR12.90


Verry Berry KrusherR29.90
Kit Kat KrusherR29.90
Oreo KrusherR29.90
Strawberry MilkshakeR19.90
Chocolate MilkshakeR19.90
Virgin Mojito Sparkling KrusherR19.90
Strawberry Sunrise Sparkling KrusherR19.90
Kit Kat SundaeR14.90
Oreo SundaeR14.90

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KFC South Africa Specials

KFC has a number of promos and deals that you may take advantage of.

KFC does have occasional promotions in-store and online with different deals and meal combos. They have several online only specials which you can take advantage by placing your KFC order online.

Everyday specials include the new Streetwise Mix, All in One Feast, Milkshakes, Chicken Lunch Boxes, and Dunked Burger Meals.

The majority of promotions are percentage savings off the entire price of the item. With the same high-quality food, you’ll receive more value for your money.

You should visit to your local KFC and look at the menu to see what current promotions are available.

Overall, even if you don’t find any discounts to reduce the price of their meals, we’re convinced that you’ll get fantastic value for your money.


What’s Inside the KFC Triple Birthday Barrel?

The contents inside the KFC Triple Birthday Barrel are 6 pieces of original recipe chicken, 16 nuggets, a bucket of one chips, and 4 regular Coca-Cola no sugar drinks.


What is the price of the KFC Triple Birthday Barrel?

The current price of a KFC Triple Birthday Barrel in South Africa is R149.90.

What is the price of 21 Piece KFC?

The current price of a KFC 21 Piece Bucket in South Africa is R274.90.

What is the price of a KFC Krusher?

The current price of a KFC Krusher in South Africa is R29.90. The Krusher is available in Oreo and Very Berry flavours.

What is the price of a KFC Streetwise 3?

The current price of a KFC streetwise three with chips or pap is R49.90.


What is the price of a KFC Milkshake?

The current price of a KFC Milkshake in South Africa is R19.90. The Milkshakes are a single size and available in Chocolate and Strawberry.

Does KFC have coupons or vouchers South Africa?

KFC currently does not have coupons or promotion codes when ordering online. You can purchase a KFC Gift Card and send it directly to someone’s cellphone.

What is the KFC Whatsapp number?

KFC’s WhatsApp Chat-Commerce channel allows you to place an order and pick it up in-store.

To order KFC on Whatsapp, do the following:

  • Entering the number – 087 153 1074 or scan the QR code or click the link to add the KFC Chat-Order contact to Whatsapp.
  • To begin, send a “Hello” message.
  • Choose your order by responding to questions with texting replies.
  • Choose the KFC location where you wish to pick up your order. WhatsApp ordering currently is only accessible for ‘click and collect’ payment.
  • Collect your order

KFC History in South Africa

When it comes to fantastic taste Southern fried chicken, KFC is an international company that has become one of South Africa’s top favorites. The KFC South Africa menu includes something for everyone’s taste, whether you’re trying to satisfy your hunger or indulge in something sweet with your family or friends. If customers choose, they can have pap instead of mash. When it comes to delicious fried chicken and chicken products like poppers, wings, burgers, and more, KFC has something for everyone. Sweet tooths can indulge in a variety of delectable ice cream treats such as sundaes, shakes, and cool beverages.

KFC has one of the best Southern fried chicken recipes in the world. While it has long been a favorite of many Americans, it has also become one of South Africa’s largest fast food chain stores. Delivery of KFC in Johannesburg, KFC delivery Pretoria, and other KFC branch locations may deliver your food to you.

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