ABSA Branch Codes (2024 List)

A bank’s branch code, which is a six-digit number, indicates the location of a certain branch and is a unique identifier assigned to each branch of that particular bank. Branch codes are commonly used when making EFT’s and transfers between banks.

Several banks have adopted Universal Branch Codes, which means that the universal banking code for a certain bank can be used regardless of which branch the recipient’s bank account is kept at. Click here to view the list of Universal Branch Codes of all South African Banks.

What is ABSA Universal Branch Code?

The Universal Branch code for ABSA Bank is 632005

List of ABSA Branch Codes

We have compiled a list of all Individual ABSA Bank Branch Codes below so that you can easily find the one you need.

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Albert Street - DbnAlbert Street Durban755026
BulwerPolela Stores Main Road753725
Central Card BranchUnit 19Umlazi757026
Corporate BranchSite V1317 Umlazi757826
Development C S C759126
EmpangeniShop 4 32 Tanner Road751030
Eshowe4 Eshowe Plaza Osborn Road752630
EstcourtShop 19B Madadeni Shopping Centre753825
HardingShop 3B Ithala Centre754826
Howick15 Harvard Street753425
IngwavumaMain Road Ingwavuma751924
InkandlaShop No 2Kwazulu-Natal754024
Ithala BergvilleIthala Bergville, Lot 98/1Kwa-Zulu Natal756926
Ithala DaltonShop No.16 Basil Shopping Centre,1 Noordsberg RdKwa-Zulu Natal756226
Ithala Gardiner StreetShop 62A & B Mutual MallKwa-Zulu Natal754126
Ithala GreytownShop 7Kwa-Zulu Natal756526
Ithala HluhluweShop Lot No.1287Kwa-Zulu Natal756726
Ithala Phlani ValleyShop 17 Philni Valley, F1325 And 868Kwa-Zulu Natal756826
Ithala PinewalkShop No. 8 Pinewalk CentreKwa-Zulu Natal756626
Ithala The Gallaria MallShop F73, The Gallaria MallDurban - Kwa-Zulu Natal754226
Ithala ZwelethuZwelethu Branch Has Merged With MegacityDurban755626
IxopoMagaret StreetIxopo754626
IzingolweniShop 12 Izingolweni Shopping Centre755728
JoziniMakhatini Shopping Centre Main Road751824
Kokstad Agency2 Roylats Centre758226
Kwa MashuShop 2 Kwa Mashu City Shopping Centre756126
Ladysmith118 Murchison Street753025
Longmarket Street (Pmbg)149 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg756325
MadadeniShop 19B Madadeni Shopping Centre753524
MandiniShop 24 Sundumbili751129
MangusiHarrisons Store751424
Matatiele Agency96 North Street758126
Maxwell Street - EmpangeniShop 9 Maxwell Centre752530
MbazwanaMbazwana Shopping Centre Reserve 14752124
Mega CityMega City756426
Mkuze12 Mkuze Plaza Main Road752324
Moorton AgencyChatsworth758026
MtubatubaShop 3 Mtuba Plaza751230
NdumoJacksons Store Ndumo752024
New GermanyShop 3 Balbic House Cnr Shepstone Rd755226
Newcastle9 Munbro Centre 29 Murchison Street753124
NongomaShop 25 Nongoma Plaza751630
Nqutu8 Ntuli Centre Main Road753624
Pine TownLancet Building 44 Hill Street755126
Pinetown Operations Centre13 Crompton Street, Pinetown757999
PongolaKings Centre Lot 60752724
Port Shepstone41 Woolley Street755828
Richards BayShop 51 Richards Bay Taxi City752430
Selgro- PietermaritzburgShop B41 Selgro Centre Boshoff StreetPietermaritzburg755425
Stanger44 Stanger Market Plaza Cato Street751529
Tongaat5 Laura Street Tongaat751729
Tugela FerryShop 23 Tugela Ferry Shopping Centre753924
Umgeni Road9 Umgeni Centre 261/277 Umgeni756026
UmlaziShop V2 Umlazi Shopping Centre755526
UmzimtoLot 337 Main Road754726
Vryheid30 Vryheid Plaza Kerk Street753324
1 Main Road Somerset West116 Main Road420118
13 Lifegrow Centre Amanzimtoti25 Commercial Road510627
134 Church Str Vryheid134 High Street334524
134 High St Vryheid 8041United Building 134 Hoogstraat630224
135 Musgrave Durban135 Musgrave Road Berea630326
14 Life Grow Centre Amanzimtot25 Commercial Road330127
141 High St Vryheid187 Church Street511024
15 Maxwell Street15 Maxwell StreetKwa Zulu Natal630590
150 Murchison St Ladysmith150 Murchison St.630225
160 Jan Smuts AvenueT A Building508005
16A Central Ave Contact Cent16A Central AvenueGauteng630764
187 Church St PietermaritzburgKerkstraat 187334225
2 Main Rd Somerset West 8133116 Main Rd Somerset-Wes630112
22 Voortrekker AlbertonVoortrekkerweg 22334142
225 Church St Pietermaritzburg225 Church StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630760
251 Church St PietermaritzburgUnited Bldg 194 Lonmarket Street501225
255 Murchison Street LadysmithMurchisonstraat 255334125
270 Republic Road2Nd Floor 270 Republic Road633305
31 Maxwell St. EmpangeniAllied Building 31 Maxwell Str420130
31 Vootrekker St NewcastleVoortrekkerstraat 31507024
331 West Street Durban331 West StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630761
36 Maxwell St Empangeni 807139 Maxwell Street630130
38 Crompton St PinetownCromptonstraat 38334226
38 Maitland St. Rasc Kimberley38 Maitland StreetFree State630925
38 Maitland St. Rasc Kimberley38 Maitland StreetFree State630927
38 Voortrekker St Newcastle31 Voortrekker Street334324
385 Smith Street DurbanUnited Building,291 Smith Street334426
3Rd Street Springs5Th Avenue420242
437 Smith Street437 Smith Street500426
46 Aiken St Port ShepstoneUnited Bldg Aiken St630128
48 Aiken St. Port ShepstoneAllied Building, 48 Aiken Str420028
4Th Street Springs 80435Th Avenue Springs630842
50 Scott St Newcastle31 Voortrekker Street420124
52 Scott St. Newcastle31 Voortrekker Street630124
5Th Avenue Springs5Th Avenue Springs334842
63 Van Riebeeck Edenvale54 Van Riebeeck Ave334942
7 Hexagon StreetCathcartweg 36504720
Abacus Legacy15 Allice LaneGauteng630894
Abb Midcorp Prem Kwa-Zulu Natal4 Frosterley CrescentKwa-Zulu Natal630471
Abb Midcorp Prem Kwa-Zulu Natal P/Sector4 Frosterley CrescentKwa-Zulu Natal630472
Abcap Financial Institution15 Alice LaneGauteng630316
Abcap Pcg Cash15 Allice LaneGauteng630922
Abcorp Cape BWillie Van Schoor DriveWestern Cape630974
Abcorp Cape CWillie Van Schoor DriveWestern Cape630967
Abcorp Central CorprbbAbsa Towers WestGauteng630077
Abcorp Ecape CorprbbAbsa Towers WestGauteng630081
Abcorp Gau B11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630971
Abcorp Gau C11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630964
Abcorp Gau Mnc B11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630972
Abcorp Gau Mnc C11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630965
Abcorp Gauteng Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng631001
Abcorp Ho B11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630963
Abcorp Ho C11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630970
Abcorp Ifi B11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630961
Abcorp Ifi C11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630968
Abcorp Inland 1Podium FloorGauteng630497
Abcorp Inland 1 Corporate AccPodium FloorGauteng630499
Abcorp Inlands 1 Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630752
Abcorp Inlands 2 Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630098
Abcorp Inlands 3 Public Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630799
Abcorp Inlands 4 Rbb Public4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630854
Abcorp Inlands 5 Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630890
Abcorp Kwa-Zulu Natal B4 Frosterley ParkDurban630973
Abcorp Kwa-Zulu Natal C4 Frosterley ParkDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630966
Abcorp Kwa-Zulu Natal Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630323
Abcorp Limpopo CorprbbAbsa Towers WestGauteng630076
Abcorp Mpumala CorprbbAbsa Towers WestGauteng630080
Abcorp Ncape CorprbbAbsa Towers WestGauteng630078
Abcorp Nwest CorprbbAbsa Towers WestGauteng630079
Abcorp Ps B11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630962
Abcorp Ps C11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630969
Abcorp Wcape Corp Rbb4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630727
Abcorpinland 1 Public SectorPoduim FloorGauteng630498
Aberdeen,K.P.H/V Hoop En Voortrekkerstraat334116
Absa Bank Card Division13Thfloor Volkskas Building Cn633745
Absa Br.For Securities 1 Mill136 Plana Rd637155
Absa Business Centre Eastgate1St And 2Nd Floor, Block D, Eastgate OfficeJohannesburg335642
Absa ButterworthAbsa Bank BuildingEastern Cape630561
Absa Capital 1160 Main StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630449
Absa Capital 2160 Main StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630447
Absa Capital 3160 Main StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630446
Absa ChargebacksVolkskas BuildingGauteng630570
Absa Corporate Head Office31 St Floor Sanlam Centre Cnr Jeppe &636155
Absa Direct E-Brch Kasteel PrkOrange Building Cnr Nossob & Jochenis Str631645
Absa Direct E-Brh Auckland PrkCuratio Building 3 Anett Road634405
Absa Electronic Settlement Cnt11 Trump Street Selby632005
Absa Fin Bracken Heights T/Shp3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632655
Absa Finance Ace ControlBlock 6 Woodmead Estate 1 Woodmead Drive635955
Absa Finance Algoa & East Dev3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631955
Absa Finance Bausprop Inv3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631055
Absa Finance Berlitas Corp3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633655
Absa Finance Berlitas Install3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.634555
Absa Finance Berlitas Leasing3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633555
Absa Finance Beverley Hight Hd3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631655
Absa Finance E Mcdonald3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633455
Absa Finance East Griqualand3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.630755
Absa Finance Gura Inv3Rd Floor Absa Towers East . 170 Main St.630955
Absa Finance Hendler & Hendler3Rd Floor Ate 170 Main Street637255
Absa Finance Industrial Conf3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.634355
Absa Finance Kempton Park Ind3Rd Floor Absa Towers East . 170 Main St.631355
Absa Finance Kolektor3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631755
Absa Finance Laeveld Inpak3Rd Floor Absa Towers East 170 Main St.630555
Absa Finance Lch Projects3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632855
Absa Finance Leecon Building3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632355
Absa Finance Libertas Adnim3Rd Floor Absa Towers East . 170 Main St.630655
Absa Finance Libertas Cons3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633955
Absa Finance Libertas Corp3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632455
Absa Finance Libertas Install3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.634455
Absa Finance Libertas Man3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632955
Absa Finance Libertas Vehicle3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633255
Absa Finance Libertus Inv3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633055
Absa Finance Libetas Leasing3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633855
Absa Finance Merciplex3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.634255
Absa Finance Millcor3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633155
Absa Finance Mioblore3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.634055
Absa Finance Monkor Trust3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631555
Absa Finance Ou Skip3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632155
Absa Finance Planelands3Rd Floor Absa Towers East636555
Absa Finance Privassured P/Fnd3Rd Floor Absa Towers East . 170 Main St.631155
Absa Finance Pro Ren Prop3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632755
Absa Finance Sandygray Const3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632555
Absa Finance Sharon Village3Rd Floor Absa Towers East . 170 Main630455
Absa Finance Sila Brickyards3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631455
Absa Finance Sometole Prop3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.632055
Absa Finance Sommering Inv3Rd Floor Absa Towers East . 170 Main St630855
Absa Finance Taxico3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170Main St.632255
Absa Finance Unifurn3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633355
Absa Finance Vehicle Trading3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.633755
Absa Finance Vendu3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.634155
Absa Finance Voewsite Dev3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170 Main St.631255
Absa Finance Witprop3Rd Floor Absa Towers East. 170Main St.631855
Absa HorisonCnr Crane & Ontdekkers630841
Absa Internas Dienssen PtaVolkskassentrum Van Der Waltst336545
Absa Internasionale DienssentNatal Podium Level 85 Fieldstr334626
Absa Internat Bank Corp Cape13Th Floor,Sanlam Golden Acre634709
Absa Internat Bank Corp N/Tvl21St Floor,Volkskas Building636645
Absa Internat Bank Corp Natal18Th Floor The Marine634726
Absa Internat Banking CommerciKempton Park Centre Cnr Monume638442
Absa Internat Banking Commerci24B Deverah Ave Vincent639021
Absa International Banking Com31St Floor Volkskas CentrePretoria, Gauteng639845
Absa International Banking ComPietersburg Centre339948
Absa International Banking ComNelspruit Centre634952
Absa International Banking ComAbsa Pro Head Office Cnr Zastron & Donald639534
Absa Jhb Central Ledgers Depot4Th Floor Centro City Building631605
Absa Kimberley80 Bultfontein Rd500902
Absa Korporatiewe BankdiensteKaapstad Streek 30Ste En 31 St314199
Absa Mountain Cup170 Main StreetGauteng630873
Absa Nass Centro ACentro City Trumpstraat 11335805
Absa National Admin Centre4Th Floor Centro City Building632605
Absa Pe Regional Atm Serv Cent4 Algoa Street Sydenham634817
Absa PhillipiShoprite Centre, Shop 8 & 9Western Cape630216
Absa Pretoria Cent.Ledgers Dep****** For Internal Use Only336845
Absa Pretoria Centr Ledger DepPretorius Street 421 Pretori630845
Absa Private Bank Central SuppBlock A. 65 Empire Road330955
Absa Private Bank Family OfficBelvedere Office Park Cnr Bella Rosa & Pasista631010
Absa Private Bank Parktown S/T65 Empire Road Park Towm330755
Absa Private Bank PretoriaBlock D. Ground Floor Brooklun Gardens631145
Absa Rba Joint Fund11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630875
Absa SaabieMain RoadMpumalanga630920
Absa Student Branch - Kwa-Zulu Natal76 Brand RoadDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal631726
Absa Student Branch PretoriaKpmg Building Hilda St.Hatfield631545
Absa Tas Sentrum PretoriaCurator Gebou Pretorius Straat 421336245
Absa Towers NorthCnr Commissioner & Troy630305
Absa Uniform LoansBlock F Flora ParkJohannesburg, Gauteng630189
Absa VostroAbsa Towers North,180 Commisioner StreetGauteng337005
Absa-Internat Banking CommerciPort Elizabeth Centre 61 Main338917
Absa-Internat Banking CommerciCape Town Centre 30Th Floor338709
Ac & Bb Customer Serv Cen Kwa-Zulu NatalOffice Estate La LuciaDurban North, Kwa-Zulu Natal630554
Ac & Bb Serv Cen Cape TownTijger Park 4 1St FloorBellville, Western Cape630558
AcbbmncAbsa Towers NorthGauteng630937
Acm Corporate Gauteng Region9Th Floor, 11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630090
Acm Large Public Sector PtaBlock G, Hillcrest Office ParkGauteng630091
AcornhoekAcornhoek Plaza Shop 55Nelspruit630264
Adelaide,K.P.H/V Welsh En Kerkstrate334119
Admin Fox StreetCentro City 11 Trump Street524005
Admin Fox StreetCentro City, 11 Trump Street335305
Administration Centre Polokwan100 Landros Mare Street624548
Africa Agency15 Allice LaneGauteng630900
Africa Corp Lev Fin15 Allice LaneGauteng630899
Africa Corporate Debt15 Allice LaneGauteng630896
Africa Eastgate11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630990
Africa Proj Fin Advises15 Allice LaneGauteng630897
Africa Struct Eq Finance15 Allice LaneGauteng630898
Afs LimitedAbsa Towers NorthGauteng630377
Agatha Street TzaneenAbsa Building Danie Joubert Street334349
Ahl Mortgage Loan Temp ResAbsa BuildingCape Town630100
Ahl Property In PossessionHoskins HouseGauteng630628
Alamein RoadSouthdale Shopping CentreGauteng630796
Albernia St, George106 York Street George420214
Albert Street DurbanOffice 2, First Floor630926
Albertinia,K.P.Hoofstraat 48334113
Alberton 8083United Bldg,24 Voortrekker Street631142
Alberton Loan CentreAlberton City Regional Shopping CentreGauteng630808
AlexandraAlexandra PlazaSandton, Gauteng630579
Alexandria,K.P.H/V Voortrekker En Krogstraat334117
Aliwal North DemountableErf 118 Bank StreetNorthern Cape630804
Aliwal-Noord,K.P.Somersetstr 47334120
AlkantrantShop 51 Glenfair CentreMenlo Park, Gauteng630662
All Pay East London31 Phillip Frame RoadEast London630388
All Pay PenisulaKhulani Springbok Patrols Building Ground FloorWestern Cape630385
Allday Gauteng East Bhenka98 Woburn AvenueGauteng630179
Allpay Bloemfontein19 Bennie Marais StreetFree State630389
Allpay East London Bhenka31 Phillip Frame Road,East London630175
Allpay Gauteng East98 Woburn AvenueGauteng630354
Allpay Gauteng North BhenkaAbsa Building, 4Th Floor, Cnr Andries &Pretoria630170
Allpay Gauteng North BhenkaAbsa Building, Cnr Andries & Pretoruis StreetsPretoria, Gauteng630174
Allpay Gauteng South BhenkaAbsa Kruger, 24 Voortrekker StreetVereeniging, Gauteng630180
Allpay Gauteng WestOld United BuildingGauteng630393
Allpay Gauteng West BhenkaOld United Building, Cnr Kroon & Van Wyk StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630178
Allpay GeorgeHibernia MallWestern Cape630384
Allpay Pe BhenkaUnits 2,3,4, Lockeed & Carravelle RoadsPort Elizabeth630176
Allpay Queenstown40 Factory RoadEastern Cape630394
Allpay Queenstown Bhenka40 Factory Road630177
Allpay Qwa QwaVan Der Merwe StreetFree State630392
Allpay Vredendal31 Church StreetWestern Cape630387
Allpay Worcester77A Riebeek StreetWestern Cape630386
AmanzimtotiAllied Building, 25 Commercia420027
Amomentum PlatinumVolkskas BuildingGauteng630568
Anderson Street Klerksdorp8031United Building Cnr Anderson &630138
Andries Street Pretoria 801310Th Floor Volkskas CentrePretoria630145
ApelBopedi Shopping CentrePietersburg630530
Arcadia,Pta*Kingsley Shopping Centre C/O Beatrix Church Str334945
Argyleweg DurbanArgyle-Sentrum Argyleweg 119-1529626
Aspire Joint Funds11 Diagonal StreetGauteng.630877
Asset Procesing Nelspruit5Th Fl Brown Street Build630757
Asset Processing Bloemfontein5Th Fl United BuildingBloemfontein631057
Asset Processing Durban200 Gale StreetDurban630457
Asset Processing George6 Shamrock Place 1St Fl 97 York Street630357
Asset Processing JohannesburgCentro City BuildingJohannesburg635205
Asset Processing Kimberley4Th Fl Absa Building 80 Bultfontein Road631157
Asset Processing Klerksdorp5Th Fl United Building630957
Asset Processing KroonstadGr Floor Absa Building630857
Asset Processing Ladysmith150 Murchison Street630257
Asset Processing P.E.2Nd Fl Port United Bld 51 Govan MbekiPort Elizabeth631017
Asset Processing Polokwane100 Landros Mare Street630657
Asset Processing PretoriaCurator Building631845
Asset Processing VredendalBranch To Close 31/3/2003630157
Asset Processing Witbank1St Fl Midland CentreWitbank630557
Atfs (Pty) Ltd33 Ballyclare Drive Absa HouseGauteng630477
Atfs Consolidation Cntr Sub33 Ballyclare Drive Absa HouseGauteng630476
AthloneShop 2 Lk Centre631309
Athlone KaapSanclare Building526209
AtlantisKvs Investments Building,Ivan Hamrshire Place527311
AtlantisKvs Investment Building Ivan Hampshire Place334611
Atlasville BoksburgAtlas Mall Cnr Finch &Atlasville630814
Atm Service Centre East LondonCommercial RoadEast London635021
Atm Service Centre SpringsAckermans Building Basement635255
Attie Louw St. VanderbijlparkPresident Kruger Street420037
AttridgevilleAttridgeville Shopping CentreGauteng630515
Aucklandpark TakH/V Anettweg En Stanleylaan Au335105
Aw-Aff-Bloemfontein187 Rivonia RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630982
Aw-Aff-Cape Town187 Rivonia RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630981
Aw-Aff-Durban187 Rivonia RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630984
Aw-Aff-Pretoria187 Rivonia RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630983
Aw-Aff-Sandton187 Rivonia RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630980
Aw-Non Resident Clients187 Rivonia RoadGauteng630923
B B Newcastle Remote38 Voortrekker StKwa-Zulu Natal630325
Back Office Support208 Jeppe StreetGauteng630200
BalfourStuart StreetMpumulanga630747
Balfour ParkShop 231 Balfour Park 2 Balfour, Close633005
BallitoShop 6, Ballito Shopping CentreKwa-Zulu Natal630229
Bank ForumGround Floor East Brooklyn Court 417 Veale Str.421645
Bankfin FinanceAbsa Towers East 170 Main Street636455
Bankfin Fleet Card2Nd Floor Isle Of Houghton Cnr Boundary & Louis636955
Bankfin Free State Admin1St Floor Tab Building East Burger Street636355
Bankfin Gauteng East AdminFloorsunburn Building, 1St Floor Woburn Avenue630161
Bankfin Gauteng Mort Admin3Rd Floor 389 Schubart636655
Bankfin Gauteng West Admin2Nd Floor United Building636755
Bankfin H/O Control Centre4Th Floor Absa Towers634655
Bankfin Head Office Admin7Th Floor Absa Towers636855
Bankfin Kwa-Zulu Natal AdminEmbassy Building 13Th Floor, Cnr Smith & AliwalDurban, Kwazului Natal630160
Bankfin Securities Spartan136 Plane Road639156
Bankfin West Cape & AdminGround Floor Goodwood Mall637055
Bankfin Wholesale Floorplan201 Sanlam Park North 9 Fredman Drive635855
Banking Court SandtonShop No 6 Banking Court Level421605
Banklaan Pta286 Pretoruis Street517445
Bara MallShop 18 Bara MallJohannesburg, Gauteng630351
BaragwanathOrient Express, Cash & CarryJohannesburg, Gauteng630251
Barberton,Tvl*Crownstraat 61334152
Baring St. Worcester29A Stockenstrom Street,Worcester503107
Barrydale,K.P.Van Riebeeckstr 37334213
Basha Enterprise Fund11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630863
Bb Bethlehem Remote22 Church Street630233
Bb Bethlehem Remote Ls22 Church Street630333
Bb Brits43 Murray StreetNorth West630488
Bb Cpf Affordable Housing15 Troye StreetGauteng630054
Bb Far East Rand1St Floor Eastland Office ParkGauteng630490
Bb HillcrestHillcrest Office ParkPretoria, Gauteng630469
Bb Jhb Far WestBuilding 3 Clearwater Office Park CornerGauteng630173
Bb Klerksdorp Remote91 Church Street630338
Bb LephalaleAbsa BuildingLimpopo630400
Bb LichtenburgAbsa BuildingNorth West630462
Bb Limpopo WestAbsa BuildingLimpopo630425
Bb Loskop ValleyAbsa BuildingLimpopo630466
Bb Louis TrichardtAbsa BuildingLimpopo630465
Bb ModimolleAbsa BuildingLimpopo630467
Bb MokopaneAbsa BuildingLimpopo630468
Bb Potchefstroom99 Church StreetNorth West630489
Bb RandfonteinVillage Square Shopping CentreGauteng630336
Bb Sandton Ka15 Alice LaneSandton630504
Bb Schweizer RenekeAbsa BuildingNorth West630464
Bb Sectors And Segments15 Troye StreetGauteng630058
Bb Sectors And Segments Sky15 Troye StreetGauteng630057
Bb Southern Cape Remote106 York Street630514
Bb ThabazimbiAbsa BuildingNorth West630461
Bb TzaneenAbsa BuildingLimpopo630423
Bb VryburgAbsa BuildingNorth West630460
Bb WolmaransstadAbsa BuildingNorth West630463
Bbsn 16A Central Ave Cont CenAbsa BuildingGauteng630735
Beach Branch DurbanCoastlands Ground FloorKwa-Zulu Natal630673
Beacon BayShop 32A & 33 Beacon BayEast London, Eastern Cape630538
Beaufort-Wes,K.P.Donkinstraat 56334108
Bedford CentreShop 430 Bedford Centre Smith StreetJohannesburg634105
Bela BelaBosveld Pick & Pay Centre Absa Bldg Warmbath334447
Belfast,Tvl*Fitzgeraldstraat 800B334151
BelharShop 23 & 65 Airport Shopping CentreCape Town, Western Cape630803
Bellville 8047United Bldg 32 Voortrekker Rd630110
Belville DemountableBellville InterchangeCape Town, Western Cape630802
Belville Loan CentreMiddestad Mall Shop 56B, Erf 26365Cape Town630782
Ben Swart StreetCnr Voortrekkers & Ben Swart Sts334645
Benmore GardensBenmore Gardens Centre Shop 3Sandton630637
Benoni 8025United Bldg 64 Cranbourne Ave630242
Benoni Loan Centre64 Cranbourne AvenueGauteng630428
BergvilleTatham RoadKwa-Zulu Natal630994
Bethal, TvlVoortrekker Shop 21C Eeufees Street503244
Bethlehem All PayGround Floor Sanlam CentreNorth West630952
Bethlehem, Ovs22 Church Street502233
Bethulie,O.V.S.Joubertstraat 42334132
Beyersstraat VanderbijlparkTrust Bank Centre President Kruger Street516237
BhishoShop Bnj Tower BlockEastern Cape630536
Bib Business Int BankingAbsa Towers WestGauteng630470
Birch Acres MallBirch Acres Mall, Corner Andrew MaphetoTembisa630977
BirchleighPick & Pay Shopping CentreKempton Park630638
BizanaSquare @ Bisana Shopping CentreEastern Cape630840
Blackheath 8132D.F. Malan Drive 189 Northcliff631305
Blake Contact CentreBlake HouseDurban630706
Bld: Props Finance3Rd Fl Sanlam Centre Cnr Jeppe & VonJohannesburg Gauteng636505
Bloed StreetBloed Street MallGauteng630866
Bloemfontein 8018United Bldg Cnr Maitland Stree630134
Bloemfontein Business CentreC/O Donald Murray Drive & Zastron Street630934
Bloemfontein Cheque Processing*Update Address Details For B.A. Manual Under624434
Bloemfontein Loan CentreC/O Maitland Street & WestFree State630524
Bloemfontein Rac 8107United Bldg Cnr Maitlandstreet630234
Bloemfontein-WesSt. Andrewstraat 157515634
Bloemhof,TvlPrinsstraat 54C334838
Blue Route MallShop G58Western Cape630724
Bluestrata Zar15 Alice LaneGauteng630730
Bluff Checkers Centre DurbanSanlamsentrum Taraweg 318532226
Bluff Pick N' Pay CentreShop 36 Pick N Pay Centre631326
BoitekongBoitekong Shopping CentreNorth West630583
Boksburg 8084United Bldg Cnr Burg & Commiss630342
Boksburg Central283 Commissioner Street420642
Boksburg NorthAdies Building Cnr Carson &Gauteng630818
Bonnievale,K.P.*Hoofstraat 79A334313
Boom St. RustenburgBoomstraat 44 Rustenburg502746
Booysens Jhb*Booysensweg 34, Booysens334105
Boshoff Street BethlehemUnited Bldg Cnr Roux & Boshoff630133
Bosmanstraat Pretoria*Bosmanstraat 219323145
Boston St. Bellville89 Voortrekker Road,Bellville505210
Bostonstraat BellvilleVolks Sentrum Cross Street519710
Bothaville Ovs24 President Street539136
Bothaville,O.V.S.*Presidentstraat 24334136
BotshabeloShop 17 Re - A - Hola Shop / CentreFree State630368
Boulevard Street RivoniaBlock D Ground Floor Edenburg Terrace632305
BoyesHillcrest Office Park Blok GPretoria, Gauteng630869
Bpc Comm Gauteng BankfinBoundary RoadGauteng639256
Braamfontein 805727 Stiemens Street630605
Braamfontein Ex De Villiers StSmithstraat 195 Braamfontein301205
Braamley Loan CentreBramley Post Office CentreGauteng630780
Bracken CityBracken City Shopping CentreAlberton630644
Brackenfell KpBrackenfell Winkelsentrum Wink512610
Brakpan CentralVoortrekker Street 604334442
Brakpan Mall 8134Brakpan Mall Shop 3630942
Brakpan, TvlVoortrekkerstraat 604504142
Bramley Jhb TvlWild En Marr-Sentrum Louis Bot507605
Bramley Jhb*Wild And Marr Centre 350 Louis Botha Ave334505
Branch ClosedSanlam Centre,Cnr Jeppe & Von Wielligh Streets632705
Branch To CloseTransfer To 632005548017
Branch To CloseNever Used630646
Brand Street Kroonstad,Brandstraat 36501936
Brandfort,O.V.S.Voortrekkerstraat 51334135
Brandwagsentrum BloemfonteinNelson Mandela Drive334334
Bredasdorp,K.P.Langstraat 14334412
Bree St VredenburgHoofstraat 6334311
BreestraatCnr Kerk & Loveday Sts502905
Bridge City Loan CentreShop U39 Upper Level, Bridge City MallDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630930
Bridge City MallShop U39 Upper LevelDurban630928
Bridgeing Facilities15 Allice LaneGauteng630893
Brightwater CommonsShop 187 Waterfront Republic RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630362
Brits,Tvl*Murraylaan 43334146
Britstown33 Voortrekker Street334104
Brixton Jhb46 High Street516005
Brixton West 813746 High Street631405
Bronkhorstspruit,Tvl*Krugerstraat 23334150
BrooklynGround Floor East Brooklyn Court 417 Yeale St335345
Brooklyn Centre 8138Ground Floor East . Brooklyn Court 417 Veale St.630645
Brooklyn MallBrooklyn Mall Shop 60Pretoria, Gauteng630519
Brooklyn SquareShop 58 Brooklyn Square Cnr Veale & Hill Streets337345
Brown Street Nelspruit34 Brown StreetLimpopo630399
BryanstonBryanston Shopping CentreGauteng630500
Bultfontein,O.V.S.*President Swartstr 20334235
Burger St. KrugersdorpC/O Burger & Monument Streets501541
Burgersdorp,K.P.Piet Retiefstraat 31A334320
BurgersfortSanlam Bldg 1St Floor334451
Burgstraat KpH/V Kasteel En Burgstraat518009
Bus Bank Commissioner BoksburgEastlands Office Park1St Floor631556
Bus Bank H V/Rensburgst Pbrg70 Hans Van Rensburg Street632156
Bus Bank New Redruth Alberton50 Voortrekker Road634756
Bus Bank Polokwane Remote1St Floor Forum Building630348
Bus Bank Polokwane Remote1St Floor Forum Building630448
Bus Bank President Germiston287 Commissioner StreetBoksburg631656
Bus Bank Serv Bankfin SandtonGr Fl Sandown Chambers Bl A Sandown Vill Off639056
Bus Banking Serv Bankfin Bloem3Rd Floor Absa Forum BldBloemfontein638656
Bus Banking Serv Bankfin E/CapGround Floor Corp PlacePort Elizabeth638856
Bus Banking Serv Bankfin E/Gat1St Floor Block D South Boulevard638556
Bus Banking Serv Bankfin Kwa-Zulu Natal20Th Floor Embassy BldDurban638756
Bus Banking Serv Bankfin Pta34Th Floor Volkskas BldPretoria638956
Bus Banking Serv Bankfin W/Cap1St Floor Tijger Park 4 Willie Van Schoor638456
Bus Bnk-Abc Dbn Sat Newcastle52 Scott Street637656
BuschbuckridgeMapulaneng Shopping CentreNelspruit630187
Business B/Serv East LondonCnr Bell & Frere RoadsEast London630163
Business Bank 160 Jan Smuts Av160 Jan Smuts Avenue Park Town North630356
Business Bank Agatma St Tzanee15 Danie Joubert Street631756
Business Bank AtlantiaBayside Shopping Centre Table View635656
Business Bank BelvilleSantyger Building632456
Business Bank Ben Swart St PtaCnr Voortrekker And Ben Smart635156
Business Bank Bethlehem20A President Boshoff 37635556
Business Bank Bloemfontein38 Maitland Street633256
Business Bank Booysens34 Booysens Road631456
Business Bank Brooklyn417 Veale Street Brooklyn634156
Business Bank Cape TownAbsa Centre,Cnr Van Riebeeck And Adderley Street632756
Business Bank Centurion1263 Heuwel Street Centurion634256
Business Bank ClaremontKismet Plaza, Old Klipfontein Rd637756
Business Bank East LondonCnr Gladstone & Oxford Street633056
Business Bank Edenvale56 Van Riebeeck Avenue630856
Business Bank Eloff Street34 Booysens Road631356
Business Bank ErmeloMain Shopping Centre638356
Business Bank George106 York Street630162
Business Bank George106 York Street632956
Business Bank Hatfield1102 Burnett Street634356
Business Bank HorisonCnr Crane Str And Ontdeker Road630156
Business Bank Kempton Park7 Wolf Street631156
Business Bank Kimberley69 Du Toitspan Road633356
Business Bank Klerksdorp91 Church Street633556
Business Bank KroonstadCnr Cross And President Street633456
Business Bank Large Non Res74 Market StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng636156
Business Bank Lichtenburg64 Melville Street635856
Business Bank Market Street160 Jan Smuts Avenue631256
Business Bank Medium Non Res74 Market StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng636256
Business Bank MidrandCnr Fredman Drive And Protea Place630556
Business Bank Nelspruit34 Brown Street632056
Business Bank NewcastleScott Street 52Kwa-Zulu Natal635756
Business Bank North Durban3Rd Floor Absa BuildingDurban Kwa-Zulu Natal634656
Business Bank PaarlDe Oude Bloemhoh Bld Cnr Plein632256
Business Bank Parow21 Mcintyre Street632856
Business Bank Pietermaritzburg328 Victoria Street634556
Business Bank Pinetown6Th Floor Absa BuildingDurban Kwa-Zulu Natal633856
Business Bank Port Elizabeth321 Cape Road Newton Park633156
Business Bank Potchefstroom99 Church Street633756
Business Bank Pretoria230 Van Der Walt Street635356
Business Bank Pretoria NorthNorth Park Centre635056
Business Bank Protea ParkCnr Protea Lane & Fredman DriveSandton630256
Business Bank RandburgCnr Oak And Retail Avenue Ferndale630456
Business Bank RustenburgCnr Burger And Van Staden Streets633656
Business Bank RustenburgCnr Burger & Van Staden StreetsRustenburg630246
Business Bank Santyger313 Durban Road Tygervalley,Belville632356
Business Bank SecundaMain Shopping Centre631856
Business Bank Somerset WestDe Oude Bloemhof Bld Cnr632556
Business Bank South Durban6Th Floor Absa BuildingDurban Kwa-Zulu Natal634056
Business Bank Springs21 Fifth Avenue631056
Business Bank StellenboschCnr Plein And Ryneveld Street632656
Business Bank SunnysideBrooklyn CourtPretoria635256
Business Bank Tom Jones St Ben21 Tom Jones Street634856
Business Bank VanderbijlparkVesco Building Fw Beyers Street630756
Business Bank VereenigingCenturion Eeufeespark Building630956
Business Bank West Boland50 Voortrekker Street635956
Business Bank Winelands29A Stockenstrom Street634456
Business Bank WitbankHightec Hous 1St Floor C/O RhodesMpumalanga631956
Business Banking North Durban3Rd Floor Absa BuildingDurban633956
Business Cell Extra 1Cnr Langwa St & Hammer Avenue, Randburg636056
Business Cell Extra 4Block D Edenburg Terrace Cnr Rivonia Boulevard636456
Business Cell Extra 5Cnr Trichard & Krogh St636356
Business Centre Kwa-Zulu Natal20Th Floor Embassy Building 199 Smit Street331926
Business Centre PimvilleMedical Centre 117722 Zone 1Soweto Jhb630281
Business Centre Western Cape1St Floor Tijer Park 4335609
Busniss SupportCentro CityJohannesburg630228
Buss Banking Serv Eastern Cape4 Fedlife Centre 72 Ring Road630817
Caerars Mini BranchCaesars Casino Main Bldg Shop 22,64 Joan Road631342
Caledon K.P.Donkin Plein Caledon520012
Caledon,K.P.*Donkinplein 6 Caledon334112
Caledonstreet92 Caledon Street420016
Calvinia,K.P.Hoopstraat 20334106
Cape GateShop 39 Cape Gate CentreWestern Cape630202
Cape Road PeH/V Almastraat En Kaapweg334417
Cape Town Airport Vat Office1St Floor Internat D/P TerminalWestern Cape631909
Cape Town AracAbsa Centre 31 Lower Long Stre334809
Cape Town Central48 St Georges Street420909
Cape Town Cheque Processing*Update Address Details For B.624509
Cape Town International AirpotInternational Departure Terminal***Internal Use*549409
Cape Town Ledgers* Update Address Details Under Member 0015 *622609
Cape Town Mobile Sales48 St Georges Mall Cnr GeorgesWestern Cape630290
Cape Town Rac 8080Absa House 2 Addeley Str630409
Card & Electronic Banking13Th Floor Volkskas Building636055
Carletonville69 Annan Road502841
Carletonville,Tvl*Annanweg 69334141
Carlton CenterCarlton Shopping CenterGauteng630298
Carltonville Cell 3261 Annan Road630656
Carltonville Loan CentreGateway Mall630687
Carltonville MallCarltonville Mall Shop 61Gauteng630067
Carnarvon,K.P.H/V Victoria En Van Riebeeckst334208
Carnival MallShop 156 & 157 Mall@CarnivalBrakpan630998
Carolina,Tvl*Voortrekkerstr 44F334251
Cash Centre Brackenfell1A Olimpic ParkWestern Cape630329
Cash Centre WitbankStand 10 & 11 Techno ParkMpumalanga630702
Cash Management & PaymentsAbsa Towers MainGauteng630939
Castel Square BurgersfortShop 4 Dirk Winterbach StreetMpumalanga630299
Castle Walk Mini BranchCastle Walk Centre Shop 30 C/O Lois & Nossob Str631345
Cathcart Road61 Cathcart Road420020
Central Avenue Kempton Park04616A Central Avenue630542
Central Bank Of LesothoHis Majestey'S Gebou 7Devloer549805
Central Bank Of SwazilandHis Majestey'S Gebou 7Devloer549905
Central Durban292 Smith Street420926
CenturionAbsa Building Heuwel Street 1263630445
Centurion CentreWas Tot 31/10/95 Verwoerdburg421045
Centurion CentreCenturion MallGauteng630736
Centurion Life CentreShop 36 Centurion Lifestyle CentreCenturion, Gauteng630513
Centurion Ok BoulevardWas Tot 31/10/95 Verwoerdburg535945
Century City Mini BranchShop 627, Century City631009
Ceres K.P.45 Voortrekker Straat535207
Ceres PolokwaneAganang Municipality OfficePolokwane, Limpopo630320
Ceres*Voortrekkerstraat 45334107
Chatham Loan CentreShop 14A 94 Elliot StreetChatham630795
ChatsworthShops 102/103/104/105 Chatsworth Centre630826
Chatterton RoadAbsa HouseKwa-Zulu Natal630525
ChiaweloOld Potchefstroom RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630208
Chris HaniShop 35, Chris Hani CrossingJohannesburg, Gauteng630944
Christiana,TvlPretoriusstraat 18B334138
Church St BethlehemKerkstraat 22334133
Church St Vredendal15 Voortrekker Street334206
Church St Wellington35 Church Street521710
Church St West PtaKerkstraat-Wes 472323245
Church St. OudtshoornCnr High & St.John Street420314
Church St. Pietermaritzburg240 Church Street420225
Church Street KlerksdorpCnr Kock & Anderson Sts420138
Church Street Pietermaritzburg240 Church StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630383
Cib Cpf Affordable Housing15 Troye StreetGauteng630053
Cib Cpf Africa Coverage15 Troye StreetGauteng630055
Cib Cpf Central15 Troye StreetGauteng630050
Cib Cpf Eastern & Southern15 Troye StreetGauteng630049
Cib Cpf Gauteng Commercial15 Troye StreetGauteng630051
Cib Cpf Gauteng Corporate15 Troye StreetGauteng630052
Cib Cpf Kwa-Zulu Natal15 Troye StreetGauteng630048
Cib Cpf Northern15 Troye StreetGauteng630047
Cib Mid Corporate Kwa-Zulu Natal6 Nollsworth CresentKwa-Zulu Natal630733
Cib Mid Corporate Western CaTyger Office Park630744
Citrusdal,K.P.Voortrekkerstraat 44334411
ClairwoodClairwood Shopping CentreDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630767
Clairwood Loan Centre Shop 1Clairwood Shopping CentreDurban630770
ClanwilliamMain Road630106
Claremont KaapstadHeritage House, Dreyerstraat 2332509
Classic Life180 Commisioner StreetGauteng630600
Clearwater MallShop Lm043Gauteng630188
Cleary ParkShop 58 Cleary Park Shopping CentrePort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630533
Clocolan,O.V.S.21 Piet Retief Street334233
Close BranchTransfer To 632005420845
Close Branch And Revert AllData To Branch No 334110335110
Coega BpoNthawelanga Centre Vulindlela VillageEastern Cape630774
Colesberg,K.P.Kerkstraat 58334118
Coligny,TvlVoortrekkerstraat 63A334639
Commercial Banking Zululand5 Lira LinkKwa-Zulu Natal630732
Commercial Bpc38 - 39 Goldman StreetGauteng630878
Commercial Property FinanceWest Court Sandown VillageJohannesburg, Gauteng630182
Commissioner BoksburgKommissarisstr 287334342
Commissionerstraat JhbSanlam Centre Cnr Jeppe & Von Wielligh Sts522705
Commissionerstraat*Plantation House Cnr Pritchard St.301105
ConfimvabaC/O Market & Main StreetEastern Cape630311
ConstantiaShop 53 Constantia VillageCape Towm, Western Cape630954
Constantia KloofHillfox Power Centre Shop 8 Cnr RhinocerosGauteng630816
Corporate BloemfonteinAbsa Forum Building 3Rd FloorBloemfontein, Free State630434
Corporate Cape TownOswald Pirrow BuildingCape Town, Western Cape630429
Corporate Coastal Kwa-Zulu Natal4 Frosterley ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630494
Corporate CornerShop 34 Corporate Corner Shopping Centre337445
Corporate Corner Hatfield1102 Burnett Street Hatfield520545
Corporate Durban4 Frosterly CrescentKwazulu - Natal630435
Corporate EastgateBruma Block D 1 & 2 Nd FloorsJohannesburg, Gauteng630431
Corporate Kwa-Zulu Natal Corporate Accs4 Frosterley ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630496
Corporate Kwa-Zulu Natal Mnc Accounts4 Frosterley ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630493
Corporate Kwa-Zulu Natal Public Sector4 Frosterley ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630495
Corporate Payment SolutionVolkskas BuildingGauteng630569
Corporate Port ElizabethCorporate Place Ground FloorPort Elizabeth630430
Corporate Port Elizabeth2Nd Floor Corporate PlacePort Elizabeth630932
Corporate Pretoria32 & 34Th Floors Volkskas BuildingPretoria, Gauteng630433
Corporate SandtonPalazzo Towers West 3Rd FloorJohannesburg630432
Cosmo MallShop 38 Cosmo CityGauteng630072
Cpf CooAbsa Towers WestJohannesburg, Gauteng630044
Cpf Credt CompliancePalazzo Towers WestJohannesburg, Gauteng630439
Cpf E/Cape Comm Debt LargeTygerpark 1St FloorBellville630440
Cpf E/Cape Comm Debt MeduimTygerpark 3Rd FloorBellville630444
Cpf Headquaters RbbAbsa Tower WestGauteng630075
Cpf Kwa-Zulu Natal Comm Debt LargeEmbassy Building 3Rd FloorDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630437
Cpf Kwa-Zulu Natal ResidentialFrosterly Park Ground FloorDurban North, Kwa-Zulu Natal630436
Cpf Management Info SystemsAbsa Towers, Main StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630232
Cpf Prop Fin E/C Resident BusCorporate PlacePort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630443
Cpf Sa Coverage15 Troye StreetGauteng630046
Cpf Securities61 Gwen Lane Sandowne Village OfficeGauteng636405
Cpf Subsidiaries4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630473
Cpf Subsidiaries4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630474
Cpf Subsidiaries Head Office4Th Floor Absa Towers WestGauteng630475
Cpf W/Cape Comm Debt LargeTijerpark 3Rd Floor630438
Cpf-CibwAbsa Towers West, 4Th FloorGauteng630507
Cpt Airport Domestic DepartureGround Floor Domestic D/P TerminalWestern Cape631809
Cradlestone MallShop L48 Deswilmar Agriculture HoldningsKrugersdorp630721
Cradock42 Adderleystreet420018
Cradock Avenue RosebankUnited Bldg C/O Tyrwhitt & Rosebank Avenue334805
Cradock KpAdderleystraat 42 Cradock518618
Cradock,K.P.Adderleystraat 42334218
Cranbourne Benoni64 Cranbourne Ave334242
Credit Life Blz180 Commissioner StreetGauteng630574
Cresta (Randburg) TvlCresta-Sentrum516805
Cresta ExclusiveBeyers Naude DriveRandburg, Gauteng630997
Cresta Lower LevelCresta Centre,422405
Crompton Street40 Crompton StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630426
Cross Street BellvilleUnited Building 32 Voortrekker Rd420310
Daimond PavillionShop 88 & 89 Daimond PavillionNorthern Cape630349
Davenport76 Brand RoadDurban - Kwa-Zulu Natal529226
DaveytonDaveyton Centre Shop 57Benoni630640
De Aar,K.P.Voortrekkerstraat 35334308
De Doorns,K.P.11 Voortrekker Road334207
Debt Counselling Chq RestructAbsa Bank LimitedGauteng630527
Delareyville,Tvl*Gen. Delareystraat 35A334139
Delmas,Tvl*Sarel Cilliersstraat 36334244
Delver St KlerksdorpTrustbank-Sentrum501738
DendronDendron PlazaPolokwane630627
Dennilton DemountableMoutse Mall Main Road R25Groblersdal630686
Derdepoort*H/V Baviaanspoortweg En Badenh335245
Despatch KpHoofstraat 32B334516
Devereax Loans Centre11 Deveraeax AvenueEast London630696
Dewetsdorp,O.V.S.Viljoenstraat 27334232
Die BoordDie Boord Shopping CentreWestern Cape630880
Die Meent Pretoria286 Pretoruis St518445
Digital Absa.Co.Za OsfAbsa Towers NorthGauteng630699
Digital Channel HoAbsa Towers North 6Gauteng630935
Digital Instant BusinessBarclays Towers WestGauteng630066
DobsonvilleShop 30 Dobsonvilleshopping Ce420155
Document & Trade Abb Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630479
Document & Trade Africa Client15 Alice LaneGauteng630481
Document & Trade Cibw Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630478
Document & Trade Other Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630480
Doornfontein JhbH/V Beit En Heighstraat335405
Douglas22 Arnot Street Douglas334303
Drie Riviere VereenigingBasheestraat 41334537
Du Plooy Street BethalVoortrekker Shop 21C Eeufees Street334144
Dundee,Ntl*Victoria Street 44334124
DunswartAtlas Road Shopping Centre564242
Durban Cheque Processing624526
Durban City 8016United Bldg 291 Smith St630126
Durban North 8097United Bldg 18 Broadway630226
Durban Rac 8070United Bldg 291 Smith St630526
Durbanville*Cnr Oxford & Wellington Streets334810
Dutoitspan Rd Kimberley 802966 Jones Street630102
DutywaShop 1-2 Central SquareEastern Cape630912
East Londen CityCambridgestraat 35334121
East London 8017United Bldg Cnr Gladstone & Ox630121
East London Cheque Processing624421
East London Loan CentreGround Floor Terminus BuildingEastern Province630783
East Rand MallShop 105 East Rand MallGauteng631442
East Rand Rac 810016A Central Ave Kempton Park630742
Eastburger BftnUnited Building Cnr Maitland Sts & Floreat Mall500234
Eastern Cape Smme FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630153
Eastern Cape Usaid FundAbsa Towers West,3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630132
EastgateShop L34A Eastgate Centre631205
Eastgate U33AShop L34A Eastgate Centre,Bradford Road422205
Eastgate U33AShop U33A Eastgate CentreJohannesburg635605
Eastgate U77Cin Victoria & Odendaal Streets516705
Eastlands Boksburg East 8146Eastlands Office Park630442
Eastlands MiniEastland Office Park,Cnr Bentel Ave & North Rd335542
Eb Abb Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630485
Eb Africa Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630483
Eb Cibw Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630484
Eb Other Clients15 Alice LaneGauteng630482
Ebony ParkAmabele Spar Shopping CenterEbony Park Ext 2 Halfway House630285
Eden GlenKaraglen Shopping CentreGauteng630203
Edenburg,O.V.S.Kerkstraat 4334332
EdendaleShop No. 102 Edendale MallKwa-Zulu Natal630155
Edenvale 8056United Building 54 Van Riebeec630642
Edenville,O.V.S.H/V Wessels En Haefelestraat334236
Edgardale1 Press StreetJohannesburg638811
Eerste RivierGrand Central CentreWestern Cape630633
Effektebeurs*Volkskas Gebou Markstr 74 Joha301805
Eft Cheque Accounts15 Allice LaneGauteng630891
Electronic Banking Div. Ser.Transfer To 632005420005
ElimErf 12489 & 12Limpopo630729
ElukwantiniNewpshopping Centre Shop 2Nelspruit, Mpumalanga630239
EmbalenhleEmbalenhle Shopping CentreEvander, Mpumalanga630621
Embankment St CenturionUnited Bldg 126 Heuwel Street336045
Embassy DurbanH/V Smith En Aliwalstraat538226
EmondloMunicipal Building A635Kwa-Zulu Natal630249
Empangeni, Ntl39 Maxwell Street511130
Empangeni,NtlMaxwellstraat 39334130
Enterprise Banking Zululand5 Lira LinkKwa-Zulu Natal630731
Enterprise DevelopmentBarclays Towers WestGauteng630062
Epping (Industria Cape Town)Block C Unit 1 Viking Business Park560810
Equity Capital Markets15 Allice LaneGauteng630904
Eric Louw St. VanderbijlparkTrust Bank-Sentrum502337
Ermelo35 Joubert St Ermelo504244
Ermelo20 De Clercq Street420144
Ermelo 8067United Building 20 De Clercq S630144
Escombe St Port ShepstoneUnited Bldg,46 Aiken Steet334128
EshoweMiku Building, Shop 2Kwa Zulu Natal630593
Esi KwawiniShop 8Kwa-Zulu Natal630185
Esselen Street Sunnyside291 Esselen Street506545
Estcourt,NtlH/V Albert En Hardingstraat334325
Evander TvlCommercial Centre Mcgill Drive Evander 2280510544
Evaton PlazaEvaton Plaza Shop 34Gauteng630450
Excecution Alberton50 Voortrekker RoadGauteng630859
Excelsior,O.V.S.Commissiestraat 39334333
Execution CenturionAbsa Lyttleton Building, 1St FloorGauteng630858
Execution HillcrestHillcrest Office Park, Cnr Lunnon & DuncanPretoria, Gauteng630843
Execution HorisonNo. 161 Ontdekkers RoadGauteng630853
Execution SandtonNo. 1 Protea PlaceGauteng630852
Fabriek Street PaarlCnr Main & Nantes Streets420110
Family Office DurbanThe Glades Office ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630416
Family Office Pretoria158 Lunnon StreetPretoria630823
Family Office StellenboschBelvedere Office Block, Ground Floor Block ABellville630419
Fedlife Port Elizabeth51 Govan Mbeki Street,Port Elizabeth630417
Fernadale Rand Loan Centre308 Oak AvenueRandburg, Gauteng630521
Ferndale Randburg 8048308 Oak Avenue630905
Festival Mall Loan CafeShop 14 Festival MallKempton Park630343
Fichardt Park BloemfonteinShop 44 & 45Bloemfontein630571
Fichardt St. SasolburgTrust Bank-Sentrum503436
Ficksburg Ovs21 Piet Retief Street509433
Ficksburg,O.V.S.Piet Retiefstraat 21334433
Fidelity P.E.Hoofstraat 107 Port Elizabet519317
Field StreetGround & Mezzanine FloorKwa-Zulu Natal630718
Field Street 817858 Field Street630726
Flora CentreFlora Centre Shop 8Gauteng630639
Florida 8091United Building 20 Goldman Str630341
Florida CentralUnited Bldg,20 Goldman Street420441
Fnb E/P Western Cape Reg OfUnpaids To East Coast Day 2 Tel 031 717-3000210448
Fochville,TvlLosberglaan 33334437
Fordsburg*29 Centrallaan, Mayfair334205
Foreign Bank Note Cen Kempton7 Wolff Street634305
Foreign Bank Note Centre C/TOlimpic Park No.1631709
Foreign Bank Note Centre DbnThe Terrace No.4Durban632026
Foreign Bank Note Centre PtmgbVolskas Building Landros Maree Street630848
Foreign Bank Note GeorgeGround Floor Shamrock Place630414
Foreign Bank Notes Cen E.L.34 Queen Street, CambridgeEast London630165
Foreign Bnk Note Bloemfontein171 Fox StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630231
Foreign Notes Dist Centre PeIvor Benn Close No.1Port Elizabeth631117
Foreshore Cape TownHertzog Boulevard, Broadway Ge312209
Forest HillForest Hill Centre Cnr N14 And R55Pretoria630749
Forestraat AlbertonVoortrekkerweg 50 New Redrut515742
Forex Operations Customer Care180 Commissioner StreetGuateng630060
Forex Operations General1St FloorJohannesburg630099
Forex Operations Tri180 Commisioner StreetGauteng630059
Fort BeaufortDurban Street Medical CentrePort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630198
FourwaysShop No G99 Fourways Mall632905
Fourways MallShop G 99 Fourways MallJohannesburg, Gauteng630183
Fox Street Johannesburg 8012United Building Cnr Eloff & Fo630105
Frankfort,O.V.S.Brandstraat 68334533
Frans Du Toit Bldg Pretoria301 Paul Kruger Street506745
Franschhoek, K.P.H/V Huguenotweg & La Rochellst335310
Fraserburg,K.P.34 Voortrekker St334408
Fraud ControlTrust Bank BuildingGauteng630563
Free State Prov Joint Fund11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630862
Free State Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630118
Frereplaza E.L.2Nd Floor Old Mutual BldgEast London, Eastern Cape520421
Funeral Blz180 Commisioner StreetGauteng630669
Fx Zaps15 Alice LaneJohannesburg, Gauteng630979
Ga-RankuwaGa-Rankuwa Shopping CentreMpumalanga630322
GalasheweCnr Nobengula And SeochoarengKimberley630201
Galloway Street15C Loch St549437
Gansbaai49 Main RoadWestern Cape630634
Garden Route MallShop 24 Garden Route MallWestern Cape630287
Gardens Cape TownGardens CentreWestern Cape630883
Gardiner Straat Durban291 Smith Street334126
Gateway MallGateway Mall,1 Palm BoulevardKwa-Zulu Natal630083
Gauteng North Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630115
Gauteng Prov Joint Fund11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630860
Gauteng West Usaid FundAbsa Towers West,3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630113
General180 Commisioner StreetGauteng630692
General Sales230 Van Der Walt StreetGauteng630223
George 8038United Building 106 York Stree630114
George Cheque Processing2 Nd Floor Standard BankPort Elizabeth624514
George Forex97 York Street630314
George Loan CentreJoubert Plaza 2 Shop 6Western Cape630784
Germiston 8042United Building Cnr Meyer & Li630142
Germiston VictoriaH/V Victoria En Odendaal Straa501342
Gerrit Maritz Road Pta NorthNorthpark Building,Cnr Emily Hobhouse &334345
Gezina, PtaCor. Voortrekker & Ben Swart Streets334145
Ghandi Square120 Fox StreetJohannesburg Gauteng503005
GiyaniShop 21 Shoprite Center630367
Glen MaraisGlen Marais Shopping CentreKempton Park630651
Glencoe,Natal*Karellandmanstraat 38334224
Gold Street Caletonville 805969 Annan Road630441
Golden Walk Loan CentreGoldenwalk Shopping Centre, Ground Floor ShopGauteng630788
Goldman St West FloridaGoldmanstraat 10334541
Goldman Street Florida20 Goldman Street Florida512141
GonubieShop 7 Schedhelm CentreEast London, Eastern Cape630535
Goodwood, KpPick & Pay Centre Voortrekker Road512710
Goue Akker KaapstadTrustbank Centre Heerengracht Street512909
Goue Akker Kaapstad*Hertzog Boulevard Broadway Building Fore Shore312309
Graaff-Reinet Kp5 Church Street512416
Graaff-Reinet K PKerkstraat 5334216
GrabouwMain Road630312
GrahamstownAllied Building, 103 High Str420517
Grahamstown 8064Allied Building 103 High Stree630317
Granada Centre14-17 Granada CentreDurban630422
GreenacresShop 1 Shoprite Mall Greenacres Shopping Cen630717
Greenacres Port ElizabethKaapweg 321 Newton Park538617
GreenfieldsShop 1 Settlers SquareEast London, Eastern Cape630540
Greenstone MallGreenstone Mall Shop Centre C/OGauteng630565
GreytownCnr Pine & Bell Streets334131
Greytown 8079Cnr Pine & Bell Streets630131
Groblersdal,Tvl*Cnr Mark & Noord Street334147
Group Admin Asset ProcessingAtlantic Centre 12 Oswald PirowCape Town, Western Cape632009
Group Life180 Commisioner StreetGauteng630584
Group Payments3Rd Floor Absa Towers North 3W1Gauteng630948
Gugu Lethu Loan CentreEyona Taxi RankCape Towm, Western Cape630693
GugulethuGugulethu Shopping Centre, Shop 19 - 21Western Cape630901
HammanskraalShop 29 Kopaneng CentreGauteng630147
Harrismith OvsSoutheystraat 31A509733
Harrismith,O.V.S.*Southeystraat 31A334633
HarrisonstraatLongsbank Building500305
Hartbeesfontein113 Voortrekker StreetNorth West630950
HartebeespoortSediba Plaza Shop 1Hartbeespoort630267
HartenbosCnr Paardekraal Road & Kaap De Goede Hoop StreetPort Elizabeth630924
Hartswater,K.P.26 D F Malan Street334101
Hatfield1102 Burnett StreetPretoria, Gauteng335545
Hatfield Square1101 Burnett StreetPretoria630295
Hayfields28 Blackburrow RoadKwa-Zulu Natal630625
HazyviewBlue Haze Centre Shop 1335052
Heerengracht Drive In BankAbsa Centre,Cnr Adderley & Riebeeck506009
Heidedal BloemfonteinHeatherdale Road 42Bloemfontein630649
Heidelberg Pg Centre42 Ueckerman Street,Heidelberg507543
Heidelberg,K.P.Van Riebeeckstraat 33334413
Heidelberg,Tvl*42 Ueckerman Street,Heidelberg334143
Heilbron,O.V.S.*Kerkstraat 45A334336
HelderbergHabitat Centre Shop 28Western Cape630672
Hemmingsways MallHemmingsways Mall, Shop 1Eastern Cape630902
Hendrina,TvlKerkstraat 36334250
Hennenman,O.V.S.*Kerkstraat 11334335
Hercules,Tvl*Van Der Hoffweg 569, Hercules334245
Hermanus KpHoofweg 67334812
Hertzogville,O.V.S.20 President Swart Str334938
High Street Brixton56 High Street334305
High Street GrahamstownHoogstraat 123511517
High Street NgcoboHigh StreetEastern Cape630913
Highveld MallHighveld Mall Shop 107Mpumalanga630564
Hill St Pinetown35 Hill Street420626
Hillbrow 8052United Building Cnr Kotze & Qu630505
Hillbrow, LNorth City House Cnr Jorissen & Reserve Sts505805
HillcrestChristians Centre Block 5 Shop 1Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal631126
Hoedspruit11 Panther StreetNorthern Province630366
Homeloans1St Floor Hoskins HouseGauteng630406
Homeloans Proc Unit E/CapeGreyville HousePort Elizabeth, Eastern Capr630418
Homeplan XtendHosken House Sst FloorGauteng630559
Hoofkantoor Johannesburg9De Vloer African Life Gebou506305
Hoog Str. OudtshoornHoogstraat 85502514
Hoog Street Worcester 805829A Stockenstrom Street,Worcester630107
Hoopstad,O.V.S.Van Zylstraat 13334238
HopetownCnr Kerk & Wild StreetsNothern Cape630315
Horwood Street SecundaGround Floor Old MutualMpumalanga630398
Hospital Cash Back180 Commisioner StreetGauteng630670
Hout BayShop C8 Main Stream CentreCape Towm, Western Cape630958
Howick24 Main StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630380
Humansdorp,K.P.9 Main Street Humansdorp334115
Hyde Park SandtonHyde Park Shopping Centre Pick633205
Hyper Westgate 8141Westgate Banking Mall Shop L25 Westgate Shop630741
Hyperama BloemfonteinShoprite Checkers CentreFree State630573
Hypermarket WelkomPick & Pay Centre Shop 10Free State334735
Ib Commercial PolokwaneProvincial Head Office 76 Schoeman Street639948
Ib Sa Head Office Origintion1E2 Absa Towers North630190
Ib Sa Transact Gauteng NorthVolkskas Building 230 Van Der Walt StreetGauteng630601
Ib Travel Hub, RandburgC/O Dak & Retail Avenue Ferndale634505
Ib.Sa Trade Solutions180 Commissioner StreetJohannesburg,Guateng630191
IbcpfAbsa Towers WestGauteng630087
Ibsa Non Res Hub-Market Street74 Market StreetJohannesnurg, Gauteng630169
Ibsa Non Resident Hub LargeVolkas Building, 74 Market StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630171
Ibsa Non Resident Hub MediumVolkskas Building, 74 Market StreetGauteng630172
Icif Input Cost Insurance Fa11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630992
Ilanga MallShop Lg 14, Ilanga MallMpumalanga630940
Illovo BbsAbsa TowersGauteng630396
Incubator Fund11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630874
Incubator FundAbsa Towers North 35Johannesburg, Gauteng630184
Incubator Fund Aford HouseAbsa TowersGauteng630459
Incubator Fund FranchisingAbsa TowersGauteng630458
Incubator Fund Franchising11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630876
Incubator Fund Kwa-Zulu NatalAbsa TowersGauteng630453
Incubator Fund LimpopoAbsa TowersGauteng630452
Incubator Fund North WestAbsa TowersGauteng630454
Incubator Fund W/CapeAbsa TowersGauteng630451
Industria JhbMaraisburgweg 31535305
Industria Loan31 Maraisburg RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630427
Innofin31 St Floor Absa Centre Adderley Street638809
Input Cost Insurance Facility111 Diagonal StreetGauteng630993
Int.Banking Cen RandburgAd-V-Tech Bldg 364 Fent Ave.638641
Inter Banking Centre-Durban18Th Floor,Marine Building,22 Gardiner Street639426
Inter Banking Centre-Durban18Th Floor,Marine Building,22 Gardiner Street639625
Inter-Bank Online SystemsAbsa Toners North 4Th Floor, 180 Commisioner St634205
Internal Funding15 Allice LaneGauteng630921
Internat Banking Centre JhbAbsa Towers North, 4 Floor 180 Commisioner638505
Internat.Banking Centre C.T.Absa House, 8Th Floor, 2 Adderley StreetCape Town, Western Cape638709
International Banking Cntr CtAbsa Centre 29 Floor 2 Riebeeck Street638810
International Banking Cntr JhbAbsa Towers North, First Floor631805
International Trade Centre- Pe1St Floor,Metropolitan Buildin634717
International Trade Centre-Jhb13Th Floor Sanlam Centre335905
International Trade Centre-Jhb13Th Floor Sanlan Centre636305
International Trade Centre-Pe2Nd Floor Corporate Place 72 Ring RoadPort Elizabeth638917
Investment Banking11 Diagonal Street 8Th FloorGauteng630754
Ips Durban26 Matthews Mayiwa RoadDurban, Kwa Zulu Natal620103
Irene Farm Village MallShop 120 Cnr R21 Highway And Nellmapuis RoadGauteng630931
Is Express Agents Kwa-Zulu NatalAbsa The TowersKwa-Zulu Natal630254
Isando, TvlHenkro Building 38 Elektron Avenue523142
Islamic Banking Travel2S Absa Towers NorthGauteng630763
Itc BoksburgEastlands Office ParkGauteng630867
Itc JohannesburgAbsa Towers NorthGauteng630870
ItsosengScore SupermarketNorth West630335
IxopoMemorial HallKwa Zulu Natal630373
IzingolweniShop 46 IzingolweniKwa-Zulu Natal630344
J S E Absa Corporate BranchJ S E Building 17 Diagonal Str516905
Jabulani FpbCnr Bolani & Konia RoadsSoweto630286
Jacaranda CentreJacaranda Centre Shop 67Pretoria630663
Jacobs DurbanChamberlainweg 150 Jacobs Durb508926
Jan Kempdorp,K.P.H/V Bosman En Delareystraat334201
Jane FurseShop 42 Absa BuildingBurgersfort630549
Jansenville,K.P.Hoofstraat 44334316
Jeffreys Bay31 Da Gama Street334515
Jhb InternationalJohannesburg International Air335342
Jhb Station Loan CentreShop C4A Transit AreaGauteng630511
Jhb Student BereauCnr Anett & Stanley StJohannesburg633905
Johannesburg Cheque Processing*Update Address Details For B.A. Manual Under625805
Johannesburg Processing 2Centro City624944
Johannesburg Region Atm Ser CtCnr Mandel & Modulus630355
Johannesburg SouthUnited Bldg.210 Mabel Street423005
Jones Street52 Jones StreetNorthern Cape420002
Jorissen St Braamfontein27 Stiemens Street334605
Joubert St Ermelo20 De Clerq Street334344
Joubert Street35 Joubert StreetMpumalanga630654
Joubertina,K.P.Van Riebeeckstraat 6 Jouberti334415
JoubertonKaponong DriveKlerksdorp630691
JoziniIthala Centre Shop 9Kwa Zulu Natal630243
KaapstadAbsa Building,136 Adderley Street312109
KaapstadsentrumTrust Bank Centre Heeren Gracht St.526909
KabokweniKabokweni Shopping CentreWitrivier, Mpumalanga630620
Kagiso Demountable28 Jacob StreetKrugersdorp, Gauteng630759
Kalavrita MidrandMidrand Village Bldg,Cnr Church & Old Pretoria335705
KamaqhekezaKamaqhekaza Shopping CentreMpumalanga630196
KanyamazaneKanyamazane Shopping CentreMpumalanga630284
Kareedouw3 Van Riebeeck StreetEastern Cape630544
KathlehongShop 30A Letsoho Shopping CentreGauteng630516
Kathu Micro Lend Demountable2828 Resant StreetNorthern Cape630807
Kempston Road Port Elizabeth208 Kempston Road Port Elizabeth630517
Kempton Park Loan CentreKempton Square Shop 49Gauteng630824
Kempton SquareKempton Square, Shop 48420542
KenilworthShop 38631409
Kerk St Klerksdorp91 Church Street334338
Kerk St StandertonCharl Cilliers Street 39334243
Kerk Street Loan CafeEdgars City Kerk StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630340
Kerk Street NigelNigel Sakesentrum507842
Kerk Street RustenburgCnr Burger & Pretorius Streets420046
Kerkstraat Pta286 Pretoruis Street517945
Key WestShop 80 Key West Shopping Centre, Cnr630941
KhayelitshaKhayelitsha Shopping Center,Shop 46 & 47Western Cape630308
Killarney MallShop 13 Killarney MallJohannesburg633605
Kimberley CbdDu Toitspanweg 69334102
Kimberley Cheque Processing624502
Kimberley Loan CentreShop 102 Jones Street SquareNortern Cape630711
King William'S Town,K.P.H/V Cathcart En Mcleanstraat334219
King Williams Town Sub1 Maclean Street King Williams Town630119
Kingsmead Durban67 Old Fort Road511326
Kirkwood,K.P.Hoofstraat 26334217
Klerksdorp Cheque Processing*Update Address Details For B.A. Manual Under625338
Klerksdorp Loan Centre64 O R Thambo StreetNorth West630714
Klerksdorp-Suid TvlKerkstraat 91335238
KlienmondErica CentreWestern Cape630868
Klipfontein WitbankHighland Mews Sentrum Watermey522150
KliptownShop 17 Walter Sisulu MemorialGauteng630280
KloofKloof Village Mall Shop 218Pinetown630647
Knysna K.P.Garden Route-Sentrum H/V Grey549314
KokstadRolyats Centre Shop 2 85 Main Street630122
KolonnadeShop U4/5 Kolonnade Shopping Centre Montana501045
KomatipoortShop 13 Rissik Street335152
Koppies,O.V.S.Kerkstraat 15334436
Koster,TvlJamesonweg 27334140
KraaifonteinBloch CentreWestern Cape630881
KredietkaartafdelingVolkskasgebou Van Der Waltstra323745
Kremetart Centre BritsVan Velden Street Brits508146
KrielWinkel 22 Mega Plaza334844
Krogh St. Louis TrichardtC/O Krogh & Trichardt Sts508449
Kroon St RoodepoortNadan Building,64 Van Wyk Street334441
KroonstadCnr Brand & Oranje St630236
Kroonstad CentralAbsa Building Cnr President & Cross Streets420036
Kroonstad Loan Cetre15 Cross StreetFree State630708
Kroonstad,O.V.S.*C/O Cross & President Sts334536
Kruger St KrugersdorpKrugerstraat 19334241
Kruger St VereenigingTrust Bank-Sentrum501437
Kruger Street VereenigingCnr Kruger & Voortrekker StrGauteng630833
Kruger Street Witbank 8065Trust Bank Centre,Eadie Street630150
Krugersdorp 8026C/O Burger & Monument Streets630241
Kruis St JhbTrustbank Centre 56 Eloff Street301605
Kuilsrivier KpVoortrekkersentrum523810
Kuruman Micro Lend DemountErf 346Northern Cape630746
Kuruman*Cnr Livingstone & Main334202
Kwa Mashu10C & 10D Kwa Mashu CentreDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630713
KwadwesiShop 30 & 31 Ziyabuya Shopping CentreEastern Cape630258
Kwagga PlazaShop 58 Mokobola Main RoadMpumalanga630548
KwamashuIthala Centre Shop XKwa-Zulu Natal630261
Kwambonabi21 Renia Street ParkingKwa-Zulu Natal630288
KwanobuhleErf 25133 Matanzima RoadPort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630260
Kwa-Zulu Natal Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630123
Kwa-Zulu Natal Family Office6 Armstrong AvenueKwa-Zulu Natal630068
Kwa-Zulu Natal Provincial Banking Branch5Th Floor,Absa Building634926
La LuciaGround Floor Coastlands Buildi420126
Lady Grey St.Paarl 8034H/V Hoof En Nantes Straat630310
Ladybrand,O.V.S.Joubertstraat 17A334733
LadysmithJbs Building, 149 Murchison S420125
Ladysmith Cheque ProcessingBranch To Close 05-02-2005624425
Ladysmith Queen Street150 Murchison StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630278
Ladysmith, Ntl255 Murchison St503925
Laingsburg,K.P.Voortrekkerweg 19334508
Lakeview Terrace CornerLakeview Terrace Belvedare Street534430
Lakeview Terrace Richards BayUnited Building Bullion Boulev630230
Landdros Mare Pietersburg 803252 Landros Mare Street630148
LandsdowneAr Rasheed CentreWestern Cape630304
Lang Street Middelburg13 Market Street508750
LangebaanMarra CentreWestern Cape630889
Langeberg MallShop 84 Langeberg MallMosselbay630358
LangenhovenparkShop 16 Dynarc Walk CentreBloemfontein630372
LaudiumShop 5Pretoria, Gauteng630946
LebowakgomoLeelle Crossing Shopping CentreLimpopo630629
Leeudoringstad,TvlBothastraat 63A334438
Lelphalale MallShop 53 Lephalale Mall Corner Nelson MandelaLimpopo630088
Lenasia Branch 8144Cnr Rose & Gemsbok Ave630143
Lenasia SquareCnr Rose & Gemsbok Ave420137
LephalaleH/V Strydomweg En Fox Odendaal334547
Letaba Boulevard TzaneenAgatha Street 58630149
Letabal BoulevardShop 26 Letaba Boulevard BldgNorthern Province630365
LetsiteleR10 PlazaLimpopo630363
Lever Road278 Thirteen RoadMidrand630350
Liberty Mall PietermaritzburgShop 90 Liberty MallKwa-Zulu Natal630381
LibodeEfr 12 & 13 Main RoadEastern Cape630292
Lichtenburg Cheque Processing624739
Lichtenburg Loan CentreShop D3 30 Lang StreetNorth West630719
Lichtenburg,Tvl*64 Melville Street334239
Limpopo Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630111
Lindley,O.V.S.H/V Kerk- En Brandstraat334636
Linton GrangeLinton Arcade, 511 Cape Road630917
Lombard St. Potchefstroom99 Church Street502438
London Africa15 Allice LaneGauteng630903
London Loans15 Allice LaneGauteng630906
Longbeach MallCnr Sunnydale &Fish Hoek630403
Longmarket PietermaritzburgUnited Bldg 194 Longmarket St630125
LoskopLoskop Tribal Municipality,Office 1 LoskopKwa Zulu Natal630297
Louis Botha AirportGround Floor, Domestic, Departures331426
Lowveld Square SecundaMain Shopping Centre Secunda334644
Lurgi Square SecundaMain Shopping Centre Secunda514644
LusikisikiRhino Shopping CentreEastern Cape630839
Lutzville10B Namakwa Road334406
Lydenburg,Tvl*C/O Voortrekker En Viljoen334351
Lynnwoodrif PretoriaLynnridge Mall Shop No11333845
Lynwood Ridge Med Buss CellMenlyn Square Menlyn Square NorthPretoria635456
Lynwoodweg*Lynnwoodweg 309334745
Lyttelton *Was Tot 31/10/95 Verwoerdburg335045
Maake PlazaShop 23 Maaki Plaza Portion Farm RitaLimpopo630506
Mabeskraal FfpbZonal Office BatlhalerwaRustenburg630301
MabopanePortion Of Furniture CourtGauteng North630293
Maclean St.Allied Building, 1 Maclean St420019
MadadeniIthala CentreKwa-Zulu Natal630684
Mafikeng Loan CentreShop 5A Station TowerNorth West630698
Mafikeng,K.P.*Mainstraat 12 Mafikeng334240
Main Reef Road RandfonteinLifegro Bldg 6De Straat505141
Main Road ClaremontUnited Bldg. Cnr Main & Stanho630209
Main Road Sea PointDonald Court Cnr Donald & Arthur Rd505909
Main Street88 Main StreetGauteng630658
Main Street Ntabankulu129 Main StreetEastern Cape630914
Mainstraat, Johannesburg76 Market Street519205
Maitland St West BftnMaitlandstraat 142334134
MakhaduGround And First Floor Firzanna Noor Building334149
MakhazaMakhaza Shopping CenterWestern Cape630307
MalamuleleShop 1 & 2 Mangalani CenterNorthern Province630364
Malelane,TvlLorencoweg 19334552
Mall @ RedsThe Mall @ RedsCenturion, Gauteng336345
Mall Of AfricaShop 1043Gauteng Pretoria630069
Mall Of The NorthShop L43, Ext 99 Erven 7343 And 7344Limpopo630988
Malmesbury*Voortrekkerweg 50334307
Malvern585 Jules Street Malvern630255
Malvern DbnSanlamsentrum Winkelnommer 18537426
Malvern Johannesburg585 Jules StreetGauteng630801
MamelodiShop F11 & F12Pretoria, Gauteng630206
Mamelodi EastMahuba Multipurpose CentrePretoria, Gauteng630739
Mamelodi EastMahube Multipurpose Centre C/O TsamayaGauteng630602
MandeniRencken Supermarket Shop 1Stanger630271
Mangrove HyperHyper By The SeaKwa Zulu Natal630597
ManguzeIthala Centre Shop 3Kwa-Zulu Natal630321
MankwengTurfloop Plaza Shop E2Limpopo630728
Maponya MallMaponya Mall Shopping CentreJohannesburg, Gauteng630668
Mapumulo DemountableKwa Guga Shopping CentreMpumalanga630683
Marble Hall,Tvl*Goverment Square 146 Shop No.5334247
MargateMargate Hotel PremisesKwazulu - Natal528628
Margate NtlMargate Forum Gebou334228
MarikanaRainbow Village CentreNorth West630265
Mark Street Middelburg 813013 Market Street630250
Mark Street Upington40 Schroder Street630104
Market Ave VereenigingAllied Building, C/O Voortrekk420237
Market St JhbMarket Street Jhb301305
Market Street BoksburgUnited Bldgd C/O Commisioner503542
Market Street Krugersdorp15 Market Street420341
Market Street Mossel BayCnr Church & Market StreetsEastern Cape630531
Market Street Vryburg88 Market Street334401
Marklaan VereenigingTrust Bank Centre Voortrekker Street517837
MarquardC/O Van Der Watt & UniestreetFree State630252
Marquard,O.V.S.21 Piet Retief Street334736
Marsh St Mossel Bay52 Marsh Street420014
MatatieleMorcross Centre Shop 1Kwa-Zulu Natal630270
MatoksBotlokwa Shopping CentrePolokwane630520
Maud Street Sandton1 Protea Place Friedman Drive334905
Mayfair76 Market Street632205
MayvilleShop 16 Mayville MallPretoria335145
Mbekweni Loan CentreShop 25 Midway CentrePaarl630694
MdantsaneShop15 Kuyasa Shopping CenterPort Elizabeth630195
Mdantsane Loan CentreShop 100 Mdantsane Shopping CentreEast London630785
MeadowridgePark N ShopCape Town630959
Medium Business South Durban1St Floor 4 Frosterley ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630391
Meeg Bank ButterworthTdc Building 23634321
Meeg Bank Butterworth Business24 High Street635821
Meeg Bank Chatham StreetCorner Chatham And Sutherland Street634621
Meeg Bank East London99 Oxford Street634519
Meeg Bank East London Business99 Oxford StreetEast London635421
Meeg Bank Hyde Park1St Floor Grovenor Gate Hydelane634721
Meeg Bank Hyde Park Business1St Floor Rosvenor635521
Meeg Bank Kokstad88 Main Street634521
Meeg Bank Kokstad Business86 Main Street635621
Meeg Bank Lusikisiki22 Main Street634422
Meeg Bank Lusikisiki Business22 Main Street635921
Meeg Bank Ntabankulu129 Main StreetEastern Cape635622
Meeg Bank UmtataBank Of Trankei Building634221
Meeg Bank Umtata Business60 Sutherland Street635721
Meeg Bank York StreetTnbs Building, 131 York Street634421
Meeg Mthatha PlazaUmthatha Plaza Shop 42Eastern Cape635522
Meegbank EngcoboHigh Street635221
Meegbank IdutywaShop 2 - 1 Central Square635121
Meegbank Port St JohnsShop D-6: Westgate Meegbank Complex635321
Mega City MafikengMega City Shopping CentreNorth West630274
MelkbosstrandThe Birkenhead Shopping CenWestern Cape630888
MelvilleLumasa Court Main Street634005
Melville St. Lichtenburg64 Melville Street503339
Menlyn 814568 Menlyn Park Centre630745
Menlyn CentreShop 112 Menlyn Park Shopping Centre421545
Menlyn Park68 Menlyn Park Centre,Cnr Atterbury &Menlyn Rd.335645
Menlyn Square PretoriaMenlyn Square NorthPretoria520345
Mesc AtteridgevilleNear Super StaduimGauteng630768
Mesc ChiaweloErf 4407 Cnr Old Potchefstroom &Soweto, Gauteng630753
Mesc Dobsonville278 Thirteenth RoadGauteng630797
Mesc HlabisaLot 264 Hlabisa, Off Madison StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630872
Meyer St GermistonUnited Bldg Cnr Meyer & Library Street420842
Meyerstraat GermistonH/V Victoria & Odendaalstraat517342
Meyerton,Tvl*Lochstraat 15C334137
Micro Lending Credit Mid278 13Th RoadGauteng630831
Micro Lending GlobalErand GardensGauteng630773
Micro Lending Ulundi Hub481 Fairbreeze Office ParkKwa-Zulu Natal630832
Micro Loans Alice Lane 115 Alice LaneGauteng630577
Micro Loans Alice Lane 215 Alice LaneGauteng630576
Mid City Nelspruit 803734 Brown Street630152
Mid-Corporate Premium Gauteng15 Alice LaneGauteng630222
Mid-Corporate PretoriaHillcrest Office ParkPretoria630300
Mid-Corporate Western CapeWillie Van Schoor DriveCape Town630294
Midcentral Middelburg3A Tambo StreetMpumalanga630397
Middelburg Loan CentreGeen & Richards BuildingMpumalanga630812
Middelburg Transvaal3A Market Street Middelburg420150
Middelburg,K.P.Van Reenenstraat 23334318
Middelburg,Tvl*Markstraat 13334350
Midimolle/MorokeMohlala Filling StationNorthern Province630319
MidkuilenVoortrekkersentrum 82 Van Riebeeckstraat335210
Midlands Public SectorSanlam Park, 1St FloorEast London630097
Midrand Loan CentreMidrand City Shopping CentreMidrand630781
Midrand TvlAbsa Bank Building, C/O Alexandra &537155
Midrand VillageMidrand Village Bldg,Cnr Church & Old Pretoria633105
Millbank Rd. Wynberg110 Main Street420609
Milnerton 8143Centre Point No1 Loxton Road630509
Mimosa BloemfonteinBrandwag Sentrum Stapelberg Str517734
Mimosa Mall BloemfonteinGround Floor Mimosa MallBloemfontein630572
Mitchells Plain 65521St Floor,Mutual Plain Bldg. S630809
Mitchellstraat,Pta*472 Kerk Street West334845
MkhuhluMkhuhlu Plaza Shop 10Mpumalanga630240
Ml Rollout Loan CentresErand GardensGauteng630772
Mls Aviation501 Oxford Road Killarney634955
Mls Bank Bank Pta 21St Floor Hadfields BuildingPretoria, Gauteng630219
Mls Bank Ct 213Th Floor Medlife Centre, Cnr Long St. Ext &Cape Town630218
Mls Bank Jhb2Stone Wedge Office ParkRandburg, Gauteng630215
Mls Bank Jhb3Stone Wedge Office ParkRandburg, Gauteng630213
Mls BenoniAllianz House 17 Lakeview Cresent635555
Mls Bloemfontein420 Omni Centre 73 Aliwal Street635655
Mls Cape Town13Th Floor Metlife Centre Coensteytler Ave635755
Mls Collections50 Oxford Road Killarney634855
Mls Corporate50 Oxford Road Killarney635155
Mls DurbanSuite 6 Stratehmore Park 305 Musgrave Road635455
Mls FundingBlock D Empire RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng636255
Mls JohannesburgBompas Square 9 Bompas Road634755
Mls PeMutual Place 4Th Floor635355
Mls PretoriaHadefield Building 1St Floor635055
Mmabatho Cros Loan CentreMmabathocrossing Shopping CentreNorth West630777
MnisiMinisi Tribal OfficesLimpopo630313
Mobeni Durban*150 Chamberlain Road334326
Mobile Sales Team Egoli120 Fox StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630415
ModimolleH/V Potgieter & Pretoriusstraa334347
MogwaseMogwase Shopping Centre, Railway RoadRustenburg, North West630186
MokopaneVoortrekkerweg 76334348
Mokopane MallMokopane MallPolokwane630835
MolotoBig Tree Mall Shopping CentreKwa Mhlanga630604
Money Sense Midrand278 13Th RoadMidrand, Gauteng630871
MonsterusPortion 13 Erf 669Mpumalanga630346
Montagu,K.P.*4 Mark Street334513
Montague GardensShop 9 John Montague Centre548309
MontanaMoolman Development C/O Zambezi &Pretoria630603
MontclairMontclair MallDurban630589
Monument ParkShop 12 Monument Park Centre631245
Monumentweg KemptonparkH/Vwolf & Voortrekker Strate516142
Mooiriver Mall PotchefstroomMooiriver MallNorth West630751
Moorreesburg Cheque Processing624711
Moorreesburg K.P.40 Main Road520911
Moorreesburg,K.P.*Eikestad Mall334111
Moratiwa CrossingMoritiwa CrossingLimpopo630737
Moreletapark TvlWinkels 1 En 2 Moreleta Plaza336445
Morgenzon,TvlDe Jargerstraat 199334444
Mortgage Fund4Th Floor, Absa Towers WestGauteng630722
MorulengShop 1North West630073
Mossel BayC/O Church & Market Square630214
Mosselbaai,K.P.Marshstraat 52334214
Mosselbay Plaza82 Marsh Street509614
MotherwellShop24 Motherwell ShoppingEastern Cape630194
Mount FrereErf 769Eastern Cape630359
Mountain MillMountain Mill ShoppingWestern Cape630353
MowbrayShop 102 Chavda HouseCape Town630960
Mpumalanga Provincial BuildingAbsa Provincial Head Office, Paul Kruger St630552
Mpumalanga Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630108
MqanduliErf 38 Main StreetEastern Cape630327
MqanduliErf 38 Main StreetEastern Cape630677
Mthata PlazaShop 42 Mthata PlazaEastern Cape630915
MthathaCathedral SquareUmtata630837
Mthatha East12 Chatham StreetEastern Cape630318
Mtubatuba48 Jan Smuts AvenueKwa Zulu Natal630591
Multibank Ledgers PretoriaCurator Building, 421 Pretoria Str.Pretoria, Gauteng624552
Multibank Pretoria Day 1Curator Building,421 Pretorius StreetPretoria, Gauteng624553
Multibank Proc BloemfonteinUnited Building 5Th FloorFree State620105
Multibank Proc Cape TownOswald Pirow Building 5Th FloorCape Town620104
Multibank Proc JohannesburgCentro City BuildingJohannesburg, Gauteng620101
Multibank Proc KlerksdorpUnited Building 5Th Floor620102
Multibank Proc Port Eliza2 Nd Floor Standard BankPort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape620106
Multibank Processing Polokwane100 Landros Maree StreetPolokwane624551
Multibank Processing Witbank1 St Floor Midland CentreWitbank624650
Multinational Clients180 Commissioner StreetGauteng630985
Murraysburg,K.P.14 Pastorie StreetPort Elizabeth334608
Musgrave CentreMusgrave CentreDurban, Kwa Zulu Natal630624
Musgrave DurbanU23/U24 Musgrave Centre Musgra420426
Musina6 National Road334249
Naboomspruit,Tvl*Hans Van Rensburgstr 56334148
Napier,K.P.Sarel Cilliersstraat334512
NbfiAbsa Towers NorthGauteng630936
Nds FranchiseAgn Building 2Nd Floor C/O Commisioner & Troye637355
Nelson Mandela Drive BloemfonEin Voortrekker En Fichardstra334234
NelspruitAllied Building 34 Brown Stree420052
Nelspruit Cheque ProcessingBrown Street Building 34 Brown Street 5Th Floor624752
Nelspruit Exclusive20 Paul Kruger StreetMpumalanga630991
Nelspruit Loan CentrePromenade Centre Shop 40Mpumalanga630811
Nelspruit PlazaC/O Henshall & Bester StrMpumalanga630306
Nelspruit,Tvl*Absa Square Nelspruit 2Nd FloorMpumalanga334252
New Enterprise Banking7 Th Floor Trust Bank BldgJohannesburg630676
New Germany63 Shepstone Road560226
New MarketShop 46 & 47 New Market Shopping CentreGauteng630085
New RedruthVoortrekkerweg 50 New Redruth506442
Newcastle Bulk Centre31 Voortrekker StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630347
Newtonpark Port Elizabeth KpKaapweg 321511917
NgcoboEfr 158 High StreetEastern Cape630685
Ni CityShop 136,N1 City Shopping Centre420410
NicolwayNicolway Shopping Centre, Shop No. L48Gauteng630070
Nigel,Tvl*Hendrik Verwoerdstr 42334742
NkandlaIthala Centre Shop 8Kwa-Zulu Natal630247
Non Resident Home Loan Jhb6Th Floor Broadcast House,171 Fox StreetJohannesburg,Gauteng630192
NongomaIsiswe Shopping CentreKwa Zulu Natal630592
Nongoma Loan CentreNongoma Shopping CentreDurban630779
Noorde ParkShop 7 Ok Noorde ParkGauteng421445
Noordeinde, Port Elizabeth484 Govan Mbeki Ave500517
Noordvaal Loan CentreAstra Building Shop 7 & 8 AdGauteng630740
North City HouseNorth City HouseJohannesburg, Gauteng630275
North End Loan Centre467 To 473 Govan Mbeki AvenuePort Elizabeth630695
North End Loan Centre PeGround Floor Copal BldgPort Elizabeth630680
North West Gover Banking BrnchAbsa Building Ground Floor634540
North West Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630103
NorthamNortham Shopping CentreLimpopo630374
Northcity House BraamfomteinNorth City House504805
Northcliff Jhb*D/F Malanrylaan 189334705
Northern Cape Provincial Bnkg3Rd Floor Absa Bldg 80 Bultfontein Rd630302
Northern Cape Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630140
Northern Prov Joint Fund11 Diagonal StreetGauteng630861
NorthgateShop B6 Northgate Shopping Centre Northumberland515205
Northgate Randburg3 Old Post Office Centre Randb632105
Northmead MallNorthmead Mall Shop 42Benoni630643
Northwest Development SateliteVolkskas Building Cnr Van Der Walt & Pretoruis636856
Northwest Mall MafikengMainstreet 12 Mafikengrington634440
NqutuShop 6 Nquthu PlazaNorthern Kwazulu630681
Oak Avenue RandburgCnr Oak & Retail Avenue Ferndale334405
OakdeneShop U70 The GlenJohannesburg, Gauteng633705
OakfieldsOakfields Shopping Centre S13Gauteng630800
Odendaalsrus,O.V.S.*Odendaalstraat 53334435
OgiesGanbro CentreMpumalanga630331
OlievenhoutboschExtention 38Centurion630690
Operations Small BusinessUnited BuildingWestern Cape630892
Or Tambo Int MezzanineOr International AirportGauteng630636
Orange FarmPalm Spring MallGauteng630334
Orange Free State ProvincialBanking Branch630734
OrkneyShakespearelaan 59335038
Ormonde RascC/O Handel & Modulus RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630181
Ottosdal TvlVoortrekkerstraat 23A334538
Ou Paarlweg*2 Ou Paarl Road334910
Oudtshoorn,K.P.*H/V Hoog En St.Johnstraat334314
Overport City204 Boulevard LevelKwa Zulu Natal630599
Oxford St North East LondonUnited Bldg C/O Gladstone & Oxford Sts501121
Oxford St.117 Oxford Street420021
Paarden Eiland28 Marine Drive561509
Paarl MallPaarl Mall Shop 1&2Western Cape630283
Paarl Metro CentrePick & Pay CentreWestern Cape630550
Paarl Metropolitan CentreFabriekstraat Wamakersplein510110
Paarl*H/V Hoof En Nantesstraat334210
PanoramaDelmar CentreWestern Cape630882
PanoramaDelmar CentreWestern Cape630074
Park StationShop M3 M5 M7 & M14, Rissik StreetGauteng630821
Parktown TvlCnr St Davids Place & Girton Road514205
Parow CentreParow Centre Banking CourtWestern Cape630632
Parow, KpGround & First Floor 21 Mcintyre Street502110
ParysH/V Middel En Kerkstraat512036
Parys,O.V.S.*H/V Middel En Kerkstraat334836
Patensie,K.P.Paul Ferreirastraat334215
Paul Krugerstraat Pretoria*Paul Krugerstraat 301323445
Paulpietersburg,NtlHoogstraat 17 Paulpietersburg334424
Pavilion,WestvilleShop 241,Pavilion Centre631226
PaynetCentro CityJohannesburg, Gauteng634905
Pc Markets Management & Cng15 Alice LaneGauteng630064
Pcg Capital Markets Accounts15 Alice LaneJohannesburg, Gauteng630082
Pcg Derivative Cheq15 Alice LaneGauteng630084
Pcg Structured Debt4Th FloorGauteng630715
Pcg Vostro Zaps15 Alice LaneJohannesburg, Gauteng630978
Peer To Peer Business15 Alice LaneJohannesburg630095
Peer To Peer Corporate15 Alice LaneJohanneburg630094
Peer To Peer Retail15 Alice LaneJohannesburg630096
Peninsula Bbs1St Floor Tijger Park 4Western Cape630390
Pension Backed Lending AssTrust Bank BuildingGauteng630560
Pension Supported Housing Lo2Nd Floor Block E, Flora Office ParkGauteng630987
Pep StoresAbsa Towers MainGauteng630508
Petrus Steyn,O.V.S.43 Church Street334936
Petrusville,K.P.H/V Visagie En Kommissiestraat334103
PhahamengShop 16 Kenworth CentreFree State630369
Phalaborwa Sub-Branch 618716 Wilger Avenue630352
Phalaborwa,TvlPhalaborwa Mall Pick 'N Pay334352
Philanthropy Centre (Private)Parkridge Office Park635305
PhoenixPhoenix Plaza Shop 6Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630421
PhokengShop 22 Bafokeng PlazaNorth West630546
PhuthaditjhabaCnr Setai & Motloung Streets335133
Phuthaditjhaba Loan CentreSetsing 2 Shopping CentreFree State630790
Pick & Pay Cent Fearie GlenPick & Pay CentrePretoria, Gauteng630661
Pick & Pay PinetownShop 227/229 Sanlam Centre 17 Kings Road631926
Pick & Pay PolokwaneLimpopo MallLimpopo630631
Pick N Pay StrandH/V Hoofweg En Faganstraat533012
Piers Rd WynbergHoofweg 142334209
Piet Retief,Tvl*Kerkstraat 25A334544
Pietersburg52 Landros Mare St420048
Pietersburg-Noord50 Landros Mare Street520848
Pietersburg-Noord,Tvl*70 Hans Van Rensburg St.334448
Piketberg KpVoortrekkerstraat 71 Piketberg535411
Piketberg,K.P.*Voortrekkerstr 71334211
PinelandsShop 13C Howard Centre639009
PinelandsHoward Centre Shop G043Western Cape630886
Pinetown1 Church St505626
Pinetown Loan CentrePinetown Shopping Centre Shop 7Kwa-Zulu Natal630551
Pip Eastern Cape208 Jeppe StreetGauteng630220
Platinum MallCnr Crocodile And Hendrik Verwoerd ( R511 )Gauteng630929
Plein Street Stellenbosh 8033Oude Bloemhof 18 Plein St Stellenbosch630410
PlettenbergbaaiSun-Sentrum Winkel Nr 5 En 6529414
PlumsteadShop G3,Richmond Centre,Main Road631509
Pn'P BrackenfellHypermarket BrackenfellWestern Cape630093
Pnp UlundiShop B2A Ondini Plaza, Prince Albert StreetKwa-Zulu Natal100984
Polokwane70 Hans Van Rensburg St334248
Polokwane Atm Service Centre100 Landros Mare Street630748
Polokwane Loan CentreAnfam BuildingLimpopo630743
PomanadePromanade Mall, C/O Morgenster & Az Berman RoadCape Town630166
PongolaVolkskas Perseel Winkel Nr 8 M334724
Port Alfred,K.P15 Main Street529517
Port EdwardPort Edward MallKwa-Zulu Natal630588
Port Elizabeth 801551 Govan Mbeki Street,Port Elizabeth630117
Port Elizabeth Central51 Govan Mbeki St P.E.513817
Port Elizabeth AracUnited Building 51 Main Street334817
Port Elizabeth BscPort United Building630217
Port Elizabeth CbcAllied Building,93 Mainstreet420417
Port Elizabeth Cheque Process.Port United BuildingEastern Cape624617
Port Elizabeth CityUnited Dldg 51 Main St334517
Port Elizabeth Loan Centre149 Govan Mbeki AvenueEastern Cape630666
Port Elizabeth NorthTrust Bank Centre Hoof Street 5334317
Port St. JohnsShop D26Eastern Cape630916
Porterville KpVoortrekkerstraat 19 Portervi525307
Porterville,K.P.19 Voortrekker Street334407
Postmasburg,K.P.Springbokstraat 7334302
PotchefstroomUnited Bldg 99 Church St420038
PotchefstroomUnited Building 147 Church Str630238
Potchefstroom,Tvl*94 Tom St Noordbrug334638
Poynton PtaKerkstraat 137 Pretoria515945
Preller PleinPreller Plein CentreBloemfontein630227
Premium East London72 Ring Road, Corporate PlaceEastern Cape630289
Premium Gauteng CentVunani Office ParkGauteng630092
Premium George72 Ring Road, Corporate PlaceEastern Cape630269
Premium Port Elizabeth72 Ring Road, Corporate PlaceEastern Cape630268
Premium South West And AcqEastgate Office ParkGauteng630056
Premium-1La Lucia Ridge Office EstateKwa-Zulu Natal630045
President GermistonGolden Heights334542
President Kruger St VndbpPresident Krugerstr 3334237
President Street WitbankPresidentstraat 47334450
Presidentstraat JhbSanlam Centre514705
Pretium VirginiaVirginia Tuine 32533335
Pretoria AracUnited Building Cnr Andries &336745
Pretoria Business CentreCnr Van Der Walt & Pretoruis Sts 34Th Floor631045
Pretoria CentralUnited Bldg Cnr Dries & Pretorius Street420445
Pretoria Cheque Processing*Update Address Details For B.A. Manual Under626245
Pretoria Loan Centre250 Pretoruis StreetGauteng630528
Pretoria NorthNorthpark Building,Cnr Emily Hobhouse &509145
Pretoria North 8119Northpark Building,Cnr Emily Hobhouse &630245
Pretoria Rac 8080United Building Cnr Pretorius630545
Pretoria Road SilvertonH/V Pretoriaweg En De Boulevar549745
Pretoria*Volkskasgebou, Van Der Waltstr323345
Pretoria-WesChurch Street West 472517545
Pretoriusstraat, PretoriaPretoriusstraat 286500745
Pretoriusstraat-Oos PretoriaMomentumsentrum Gebou Pretoriu335745
Pretoruis Str Pretoria Cell 79286 Pretoruis Street634956
Prichardt Street SasolburgUnited Building Fichardt Stree630136
Prieska,K.P.H/V Hoof En Kerkstraat334204
Prime Services Projects15 Alice LaneJohannesburg, Gauteng630975
PrimrosePrimrose MallGermiston335142
Prins Albert,K.P.Kerkstraat 29334708
PritchardstraatSanlam Centre301705
Priv Bank Stubens VallCnr Christiaan De Wet & Millenium BoulavardGauteng630395
Private AssistInvestment CampusJohannesburg630943
Private Bank Bloemfontein SuitCnr Donald Murray & Zastron Streets630834
Private Bank BolandDe Wagenweg Office Park, Ground Floor Block BCape Town630791
Private Bank BrooklynVolkskas Centre, 230 Van Der Walt StreetGauteng630847
Private Bank Cape Town SuiteBelarde Block A. Ground Floor Cnr Bella Rosa &630710
Private Bank CenturionVolkskas Centre, 230 Van Der Walt StreetGauteng630849
Private Bank Claremont11 Grove AvenueWestern Cape630792
Private Bank Durban SuiteThe Glades Office Block 70-72 Amstrong Ave631826
Private Bank EastlandsEastlands Office Park, Cnr Bentel & Noord RandBoksburg, Gauteng630830
Private Bank Family Office JhbPark Ridge Office Park Block A 1St FloorJohannesburg633405
Private Bank GeorgeCathedral Square BuildingWestern Cape630328
Private Bank HeerengrachtAbsa Building, 6Th FloorWestern Cape630789
Private Bank KimberleyAbsa Building, 80 Bultfontein RoadNorthern Cape630822
Private Bank MenlynVolkskas CentreGauteng630829
Private Bank NelspruitVolkskas Centre, 230 Van Der Walt StreetGauteng630846
Private Bank PeC/O Forum Nelson Mandela & Parfit AvenueFree State630864
Private Bank Pintetown1 Church StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630865
Private Bank PolokwaneVolkskas CentreGauteng630827
Private Bank ProcessingAbsa Bank LimitedGauteng630566
Private Bank Richards BayLake View Terrace, Absa BuildingKwa-Zulu Natal630850
Private Bank RustenburgVolkskas CentreGauteng630851
Private Bank SandtonMorningside BuildingSandton, Gauteng630674
Private Bank SandtonEast Block 187 Rivonia RoadGauteng630404
Private Bank SecundaVolkskas BuildingGauteng630775
Private Bank StellenboschOld Kolledge BuildingCape Town, Western Cape630424
Private Bank Table ViewNelphi Arch Office ParkCape Town, Western Cape630844
Private Bank Table ViewDelphi Office ParkCape Town630793
Private Bank TygervalleyAbsa Building 6Th FloorCape Town, Western Cape630794
Private Bank Umhlanga RidgeEast Coast Radio House Ground FloorKwa-Zulu Natal630606
Private Bank VereenigingCenturion BuildingGauteng630828
Private OfficePark Ridge Office ParkJohannesburg, Gauteng634805
Processing JhbBryanston Shopping CentreGauteng630501
Proesstraat Pretoria*219 Bosman Street323545
Project Nala15 Alice LaneGauteng630063
Project Olympus15 Alice LaneJohannesburg, Gauteng630986
Promenade Nelspruit TvlCnr Brown & Paul Kruger Street521352
Prop 24 Bonds OriginatorsLothbury Road 9Johannesburg, Gauteng630204
Property 24 Finance539 Church Street Struktura Building631745
Prorom Building Nelspruit34 Brown Street500852
Prospecton38 Prospecton RoadDurban, Kwa-Zulu Natal630587
Protea Gardens OneProtea Gardens Shopping CentreSoweto, Jhb, Gauteng630277
Protea Gardens TwoShop 66 Protea GardensGauteng630401
Protea GlenProtea Glen Shopping Centre Shop 76Gauteng630071
Protea ParkC/O Friedman & Protea Place535105
Pss Private Bank Coastal4Th FloorWestern Cape630700
Pta Abc Klerkdorp SateliteAbsa Building 91 Church Street 4Th Floor636656
Public Sector BorderCorporate Place Ground FloorPort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630420
Public Sector Cape Town1St Floor Tijger Park Willie Van Schoor Drive631609
Public Sector GautengAbsa Towers NorthJohannesburg, Gauteng630266
Public Sector Limpopo100 Landros Mare Street630648
Public Sector Newcastle52 Scott Street630324
Public Sector PietermaritzburgShop 2Pietermaritzburg630725
Public Sector Transactions H.OAbsa Towers 29Th Floor, 160 Main StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng634605
Public Sector Vaal TriangleAllied Building First Floor630337
Public Sector Western Cape106 York StreetGeorge630164
Public Sector-Eastern CapeVsn Centre, 2Nd Floor 116 Govan Mbeki Drive638256
Public Sector-Gauteng EastEasgate Office Park 1St Floor, Smith Boulevard638156
Public Sector-Gauteng NorthVolkskas Building 34Th Floor, C/O V.D.Walt &638056
Public Sector-Gauteng WestBabcock Building, 3Rd Floor, Sandton637956
Public Sector-Western CapeTyger Park 4 1St Floor637856
Pvt Bank Asset ProcessingTrust Bank BuildingGauteng630619
Pvt Bank BloemfonteinAbsa Forum BuildingFree State630612
Pvt Bank BrumaEastgate Office ParkJohannesburg630613
Pvt Bank Cape TownAbsa Building 6 Th FloorWestern Cape630615
Pvt Bank GeorgeAbsa BuildingWestern Cape630611
Pvt Bank KlerksdorpCarla Mariet BuildingKlerksdorp630608
Pvt Bank NewcastleAbsa Private Bank 1St FloorKwa-Zulu Natal630610
Pvt Bank PietermaritzHayfields MallPietermaritzburg630622
Pvt Bank Port ElizabethAbsa Building 31 Cape TownPort Elizabeth630616
Pvt Bank PretoriaVolkskas Building 26Th FloorGauteng630614
Pvt Bank Pretoria NorthNorth Park Centre 2Nd Floor Cnr Rachel De Beer &Gauteng630607
Pvt Bank WitbankAbsa Bank BuildingMpumalanga630618
Quagga CentreQuagga Centre Shop 1Pretoria West630664
Quantitative Analysis15 Allice LaneGauteng630895
Queenstown Central 8027 Hexagon630120
Queenstown,K.P.Hexagon 7334420
QueenswoodShop 2 Queenswood GalleriesPretoria630660
QuigneyCnr Fleet & Ganteaume CrescentEast London, Eastern Cape630539
Raisethorrpe589 Greytown RoadPietermaritzburg630282
Randburg ExclusiveCorner Oak And Retail StreetRandburg, Gauteng630996
Randburg MallSanlamsentrum H/V Pretoria En521005
Randburg Mall308 Oak Avenue,Ferndale420205
Randburg, TvlCnr Oak & Retail Avenue Ferndale505705
Randfontein Loan CentreRandfontein Station Shopping CentreRandfontein630671
Randfontein North 8139Lifegro Gebou Sedestr.630641
Randfontein,Tvl*Shop 45 Village Square Shopping Centre334341
Randpark RidgeShop 23A Randridge MallGauteng423905
Rasc WitbankStand 10 & 11 Techno ParkMpumalanga630703
Rayton1 Treurnicht StreetMpumalanga630529
Rbb Comm Ec Pe72 Ring RoadPort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630491
Rbb Commercial Key PretoriaHillcrest Office ParkPreoria, Gauteng630492
Rbb Commercial MokopaneAbsa BuildingNorth West630502
Rbb Commercial Prem PretoriaHillcrest Office Park, Lourie Building 1St FloorPretoria630503
Rbb Mid-Corporate Ptemium Nw15 Alice Lane, Norton Rose BuildingGauteng630487
Rbb Public Sec Premium Acc15 Alice Lane, Norton Rose BuildingGauteng630332
Rbb Public Sector Premium Nw15 Alice Lane, Norton Rose BuildingGauteng630486
Rbs Segmnt Managemnt16Th Floor Absa TowersGauteng630522
Recreation Rd Fish HoekTown Square Centre Main Road334309
Regis House Cape TownAbsa Building, 136 Adderlley Street500109
Reitz,O.V.S.Kerkstraat 43334833
Reivilo,K.P.Voortrekkerstraat Reivilo334301
Retail DirectC/O Nossob And Jochemus634705
Retail Wealth187 Rivonia RoadSandton630976
Richardsbaai,NtlLakeview Terrace 7 Trinidad Parking Area334230
Richmond,K.P.35 Voortrekker Street334808
Rink Street30 Rink Street Port Elizabeth514117
Risk Regulatory Support WcTijgerpark IvWestern Cape630065
Rissik StreetAllied House, 29 Rissik Street421405
Rissikstraat*I B M Gebou 124 Main St301505
River Square Three RiversPick & Pay CentreGauteng630887
Riverside Mall NelspruitRiverside Mall Shop 9Mpumalanga630653
Riverwalk PotchRiverwalk Shopping CentreNorth West630594
Riviersonderend,K.P.Hoofstraat 23334212
Rivonia TvlBlock D Ground Floor Edenburg Terraces509955
Robertson K.P.31 Paul Kruger Street543113
Robertson,K.P.*Cnr Paul Kruger & Swellendam Sts334713
RobertvilleCnr. Granville & Anville Streets Robertsville514305
Rogge Bay31 Lower Long StreetWestern Cape630951
Roggebaai Sub-BranchLower Longstreet Roggebaai630909
Rolyats Centre KokstadRolyats CentreKwa-Zulu Natal630918
Roodepoort 8044Nadan Building,64 Van Wyk Street630141
Roodepoort Loan CentreBerlut House BuildingGauteng630769
Rosebank Central 8054United Building Cnr.Tyrwhitt &630805
Rosebank Hub27 Tyrwhitt AvenueGauteng630581
Rosettenville 8086United Building 210 Mabel StreJohannesburg, Gauteng630705
Rosettenville TvlWinkel Nr 2 Donmain House335505
Rosslyn PlazaShop 2,3,4 Rosstax Centre,Martinus Street335845
Rosslyn TvlShop 23&4 Rosstax Centre,Mathinus Street537045
Roux Street BethlehemKerkstraat 22420033
Royal Centre HermanusHoofweg 67630212
RustenburgH/V Burger- En Pretoriusstraat334246
Rustenburg Loan CentreShop 22 Fatima Bhayat RoadNorth West630518
Rustenburg PlazaRustenburg PlazaNorth West630595
Sab Taverns AccountAbsa Towers North 2E1Gauteng630933
Saldanha,K.P.*64 Saldanha Road334511
San Ridge SquareShop 16 & 17 Sand Ridge SquareGauteng630995
Sanbel BellvilleSanbelsentrum Ou Paarlweg 2523410
Sancardia PretoriaSancardia Gebou Winkel 1522945
Sanclare Cape TownSanclare-Gebou Dreyers507709
Sandton 8055Level 5631005
Sandton Bureau De ChangeSandton City Shopping Centre635005
Sandton Business CentreSandown Village Office Park Block A Sandown331155
Sandton Exclusive1St Floor Nelson Mandela SquareGauteng630720
Sanlam Bridging Finance9 Lothbury StreetJohannesburg, Gauteng630575
Sanlam Home Loans 101268 Republic Road Ground Floor, Block BGauteng630158
Sanlam Home Loans 102268 Republic Road Ground Floor Block BGauteng630159
Sanlam Non Res Centre9 Lothbury StreetGauteng630786
Sanlam Securitisation160 Main Street Absa TowersGauteng630675
Sanlam Temp Res Centre9 Lothbury StreetGauteng630820
Sannieshof,TvlSpoorstraat 21A334339
Santyger313 Durban RoadBellville630510
Santyger 2Santyger Bldg Willie Van Schoor Ave542510
Sasolburg,O.V.S.*Cnr Fichardt & Bell Street335036
Satelite BenoniEastlands Office Park Ground Floor Cnr637256
Satelite KimberleyAbsa Regional Office Wildfontein Weg 80637356
Satelite NelspruitAllied Building 34 Brown Street637056
Satelite PietermaritzburgShop 2 326 Victoria RoadPietermaritzburg637556
Satelite PietersburgAbsa Building 67 Schoeman Street636556
Satelite RustenburgAbsa Building Cnr Staden & Burger Strs636756
Satelite UpingtonCnr Donald Murray & Zastron Streets637456
Satelite VereenigingCnr Voortrekker & Market Avenue637156
Sauerstraat*Volkskas Gebou Markstraat 74301405
Savannah PolokwaneSavannah Mall Shop 4Limpopo630626
Schoeman Street Polokwane76 Schoeman StreetLimpopo501048
SchoemansdalMatsamo PlazaMpumalanga630199
Schoemanstraat Pretoria*S.A.L.U.Gebou, Z3-7691 Grondvl323645
Schweizer-Reneke,Tvl*Schweizerstraat 44334439
Scott Str. UpingtonTrust Bank-Sentrum502604
Scottburg12 Scott StreetDurban630586
ScottsvilleDurban RoadPietermaritzburg630382
Sea Point 8101Cnr Arthur And Main Road630309
SebokengShop D01CSebokeng South630723
SecundaJoep Steyn Avenue420044
Secunda 8014United Bldg Main Shopping Cent630244
Secunda Loan CentreGrand Palace Building, Shop 5A Ground FloorGauteng630825
Sedgefield30 Main StreetWestern Cape630303
Seicourt204 Nigel RoadSprings630815
Sekuriteite & Vereffeningshuis6De Vloer Avril Malan Gebou336005
Senekal,O.V.S.*Van Riebeekstraat 22335136
Sentrale - Central Depot JhbCentro City 11 Trump Street505005
Sentrale Stad Durban320 West Street512326
Sentrale VerbandeBranch To Close510305
SenwabarwanaBochum PlazaLimpopo630630
Senwes SateliteVolkskas Building Cnr Van Der Walt & Pretoruis636956
ShallcrossThe Rodge @ ShallcrossKwa-Zulu Natal630379
Shelly BeachShop 69 Shelly CenterKwa-Zulu Natal630279
Shoprite Centre-PotgieterusShop 19 Voortrekker Centre Voo630248
Short Loans136 Plane Road635405
Siddle KlerksdorpCnr Anderson & Delvers Streets514438
Siemertweg Jhb TvlSiemertweg 54523305
Silver Mall Loan CentreSilver Mall Loan CentrePretoria, Gauteng630738
Silverton,Tvl*H/V Pretoriaweg En De Boulevar334445
Sinking Fund Deposits15 Allice LaneGauteng630907
Sinoville Brac AveShop 48 Sinoville Shopping Centre Brac Ave637145
Sinoville, PretoriaSinoville Shopping Centre336945
SkukuzaBranch Closed / T To Witrivier 334452334652
Small Business Agri Tnv FunTrust Bank BuildingGauteng630765
Small Business Dryden IntiTrust Bank BuildingGauteng630766
Small Business Micro FinanceAbsa Building 2Nd Floor, 278 Thirteenth RoadGuateng630750
Small Business Supp Centre9 Lothbury RoadGauteng630562
Small Buss Emerg Markets FundTrust Bank BuildingJohannesburg, Gauteng630296
Smithfield,O.V.S.H/V President Hoffmanstr En Ju334532
Somerset Centre116 Main Rd Somerset510412
Somerset MallSomerset MallWestern Cape630885
Somerset-Oos,K.P.H/V Charles En Uniestraat334418
Somerset-Wes Kp116 Main Road Somerset334712
Sontonga Mall DemountableSontonga MallKatlehong630806
Soshanguve Pick & PaySoshanguve Pick & Pay CentreGauteng630688
South DurbanJbs Building 78 Field Street420826
SouthdaleSouthdale-Winkelsentrum Alamei507305
SouthdownsShop 23 Southdowns, Shopping CentreCenturion, Pretoria630512
SouthernwoodShop 20 - 22 Malcomess Park, Shopping CentreEast London630543
SouthgateShop L 305 & 306 Southgate Mall Cnr632405
Southgate TwoShop L132 Southgate MallGauteng630221
Springs5Th Avenue Springs501642
Springs VierdestraatPalm Springs Winkel Sentrum515842
Ssc BushbuckridgeC/O Hazyview & Graskop Bushbuckridge Shop630652
Ssc MkuzeMkuze Centre Shop 14/15Kwa Zulu Natal630276
Ssc Pietermaritzburg257 Church StreetPietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Ntl630272
St Davids Place ParktownCnr St.Davids Place & Girton Rd335205
St Georges SquareSt Georges Square Shopping CenWestern Cape630553
Staatsweg WelkomTrust Bank Centre Mooi Straat 106532935
Standerton, Tvl.Charl Cilliersstraat 39509243
StangerShop No.6 Ground Floor630129
Station Plaza Loan CentreStation Plaza 7Th AvenueWestern Cape630679
Steen Street Rustenburg 8066Cnr Burger & Pretorius Streets630146
Steenstraat RustenburgBoomstraat 43 Rustenburg522646
StellenboschCnr Plein & Ryneveld Sts420010
Stellenbosch Business CentreDie Oude Bloemhof 18 Plein Street630910
Stellenbosch Eikestad MallEikestad Mall Centre,43 Andringa Street510210
Stellenbosch*H/V Plein En Van Ryneveldstraa334410
Sterkspruit60 MainstreetFree State630370
Steynsburg,K.P.47 Somerset Street334518
Steynsrus,O.V.S.C/O Cross And President335236
StilbaaiShop 9A Fynbos CentreEastern Cape630532
StilfonteinCivic CentreNorth West630596
Stockenstrom St WorcesterStockenstromstraat 25334607
Stone Towers KwtStone TowersEastern Cape630838
Strand,K.P.*Kusweg 80334312
StrandstraatAbsa Building518909
Strijdompark RandburgH/V Langwastraat En Hamerlaan515005
Structured Trade Finance15 Troye StreetGauteng630778
Student Bureau BraamfonteinShop 3 Jorrison Place Cnr Bertha & Jorrison Strs633805
Student Bureau Port ElizabethShop 5 Seagate Shopping Centre Torquay Street630617
Student Bureau Potchefstroom94 Tom Street . Potchefstroom335538
Student Bureau StellenboschElkestad Mall, 43 Andringa Street335810
Student Centre BloemfonteinGround Floor Absa Forum Building,C/O NelsonBloemfontein630534
Students Bureau RodeboschRiverside Shopping Centre420510
Students Bureau TygerbergTygerberg Hospital Tygerberg335710
Suider Paarl*H/V Hoof En Cliftstraat335010
SummerstrandShop 2 SummerstrandPort Elizabeth420617
SunningdaleShop 18 West Coast VillageMilnerton630547
SunninghillSunninghill Square ShoppingGauteng630259
Sunnyside 8082291 Esselen Street630345
Sunnyside CentralEsselenstraat 187, Sunnyside334545
Sunward ParkPick & Pay Centre Shop 6Boksburg630650
Sutherland Str Mthata60 Sutherland StreetsEastern Cape630911
Sutherland,K.P.Piet Retiefstraat334908
SwartruggensSarel Cellierse RoadNorth West630908
Swellendam,K.P.Voortrekkerstr 18 Swellendam334813
TableviewDelphi Arch Office Park Raats Drive334409
Tambotie MallTambotie Mall Shop 28, Shop 28 Ground FloorGauteng630043
TaungTaung Forum CentreKimberley, Northern Cape630273
TembaTemba Shopping CentreGauteng North630375
Ten Sixty Six JohannesburgCnr Kerk And Loveday Str. Joha630205
Ten Sixty Six Johannesburg8094Cnr Kerk And Loveday Streets630405
Thaba 'NchuShop 2 Erf 16Free State630371
Thabazimbi,TvlRietbokstraat Nr. 1334346
ThabongConstantia RoadKempton Park, Gauteng630689
The GroveShop L68 & L69Gauteng630919
The Link-ClaremontAbsa On Grove Cnr Main And Grove Avenue421109
Theunissen,O.V.S.Van Heerdenstr 46334535
Thibault Cape TownUnited House Adderley St630109
ThlabaneCnr Makheni & Motsatsi StreetsNorth West630707
ThohoyandouThohoyandou Spar ShoppingNorthern Province630263
Thohoyandou WestShop No. 12Polokwane630154
Three Twenty Anglo DurbanWeststraat 320536526
ThulamahasheThulamahashe Plaza Shop 6Polokwane630262
Timberstraat PietermaritzburgFedlife Building 251 Kerkstraat532725
TokaiShop 106 Blue Route Cent631209
Tom Jones St. BenoniAllied Building, 21 Tom Jones420342
Tom St PotchefstroomTomstraat 94335138
Tongaat314 Main Road Tongaat631626
Trade Route Mall LenasiaShop U57 K53 Nirvana RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng630402
Transaction ManagementAbsa Towers MainGauteng630938
Transvaal Cash Control CentreCnr Mandel & Modulus RoadJohannesburg, Gauteng631905
Treasury & Internet Banking31 St Floor Sanlam Centre632505
Trichardt26 Paul Kruger Street630879
Trustbank Cent.Ledgers DepotBranch To Close526405
Trustbank-Kaart1Ste Vloer African Life Gebou536005
Tsakane MallShop 43, Corner Modjoaji And Malandela StreetGauteng630989
Tshwane MarketHall A Tshwane Fresh Produce MarketGauteng630947
Tsolo FfpbErf 99 Thurston StreetEastern Cape630291
Tubatse CrossingCnr Kruis Street & Dirk Winterbach StreetLimpopo630089
Tulbach Rural Mini Branch32A Van Der Stel Street630207
Tweetoring BfnH/V Floreatlaan En Charlesstra539234
Tyberberg Business Centre1St Floor,Tijger Park Willie Van Schoor Drive630810
TygerbergSanlam Centre Shop 113 Banking528910
Tygervalley 2Santyger Bldg 313 Durban Rd.Tygervalley334110
Tygervalley CentreTygervalley Shopping Centre Shop 107Bellville630635
Tyrwhitt Ave RosebankUnited Bldg C/O Tyrwhitt & Rosebank Ave422105
Tyrwhitt Avenue Travel HubShop 1 Cradock Height Cnr Cradock638605
Tzaneen MallAbsa Building Danie Joubert Street504549
Uitenhage 2Caledon Street 104630116
Uitenhage 3104 Caledon Street334416
Uitenhage, KpCaledonstraat 104504016
UlundiUlundi Shopping Centre Ulundi630330
UmbiloShop 27 Queensmead MallKwa-Zulu Natal630582
Umhlanga RidgeEastcoast Radio House 314 Umhlanga Rocks510829
UmlaziShop V02 Umlazi Mega CityKwazulu - Natal630378
Umlazi Loan CentreShop 2 1319 UmlaziKwa-Zulu Natal630716
Unibank - Rubenstein278 13Th Road, Erand GardensJohannesburg, Gauteng630167
Unibank Axtion BranchCentro City BuildingJohannesburg635105
Unibank Funding-Gauteng278 13Th Road, Erand GardensJohannesburg, Gauteng630168
Union Finance18Th Floor Sanlam CentreJohannesburg Gauteng635505
Uniondale,K.P.Voortrekkerstraat 40334315
United Bank Head Office 8011160 Main Street631505
University Of Zululand39 Maxwell StreetKwa-Zulu Natal630061
Upington,K.P.Schroderstraat 40334304
Urbans Bldg George106 York Str509814
Usaid / Fund15 Troye StreetGauteng630999
Vaal Mall VanderbijlC/O Barrage Road &Gauteng630361
Vaalgate Loan CentreVaalgate Shopping CentreGauteng630701
Valey Gardens SaxonworldPick & Pay Hypermarket, Shop 29AGauteng630836
ValhallaWinkel Nr 3335445
Valley Gardens JohannesburgPick & Pay Hypermarket422705
Van Der Walt Str Loan CentreShop 3 Provincial HouseGauteng630704
Van Eyssen St Parow 8092United Bldg 141 Voortrekker Rd630210
Van Riebeeck Edenvale41 Van Riebeeck Avenue420042
Van Riebeeck Mall EdenvaleVan Riebeeck Mall507442
Van Wyk Street RoodepoortTrust Bank Sentrum Van Wykstra503841
Vanderbijlpark 8076Vesco Building Beyer Street630237
VangateShop 1 Rabat ComplexWestern Cape630376
Vendor Cash Management2Nd Floor, Trust Bank BuildingGauteng630949
Ventersdorp,TvlCarmichaelstraat 44334539
Venterstad,K.P.H/V Tenant En Van Der Waltstra334618
Vereeniging 8023Centurion & Eufees Bldg Cnr Leslie & Merriman St630137
Vereeniging Loan CentreCnr Market Avenue & Voortrekker StreetGauteng630523
Vermeulenstraat PtaVermeulenstraat 240 Pretoria517245
VerulamCnr Wick & Moss Street Verulam631526
Victoria-Wes,K.P.Kerkstraat 31335008
Victory ParkThe Tarrace Shopping Centre Cnr RustenburgJohannesburg630360
Viljoenskroon,O.V.S.C/O Engelbrecht & Church Streets335336
Village Square Amanzitoti 8053United Bld Bjorseth Crescent Amanzimtoti630127
Villiers,O.V.S.Hoofstraat 24B335033
Villiersdorp,K.P.Hoofstraat 26334612
Vincent Loan Centre El11 Devereux AvenueEast London630678
Vincent Park Sub-BranchShop 57 Vincent ParkEast London420121
Virgin Money Adm Loans Centre11 Alice LaneGauteng630412
Virgin Money H/L Proc Unit11 Alice LaneGauteng630411
Virgin Money Home Branch11 Alice LaneGauteng630413
Virgin Money Ins Operations11 Alice LaneGauteng630408
Virgin Money Ret Credit Cent11 Alice LaneGauteng630407
Virginia 8142United Building 21Herdenking S630235
Virginia,O.V.S.*Virginia-Tuine Nr.32334635
Vishoek KaapstadTown Square-Sentrum Hoofweg548809
Vmsa ChargebacksVolkskas BuildingGauteng630567
Vodacom Micro LoansAbsa TowersGauteng630578
Vodacom Transac AccountAbsa TowersGauteng630580
Volksrust,Tvl*Joubertstraat 49B334343
Von Wielligh StreetThe Bestinver Company CentreJohannesburg, Gauteng514805
Voortekker St Kemton ParkTrust Bank-Sentrum504442
Voortrekker Str Malmesbury50 Voortrekker Road525507
Voortrekker Alberton36 Alberton Boulevard420442
Voortrekker Rd Goodwood124 Voortrekker Road334610
Voortrekker Rd ParowGround & First F4 21 Mcintyre Street334310
Voortrekker Road PotgietersrusVoortrekkerweg 76504648
Voortrekker St VereenigingVoortrekkerstraat 24334337
Voortrekkersweg PretoriaNorth Park Mall C/O Rachel De Beer & EmilyPretoria509045
Vosloorus18381 Sa Sekoti AvenueGauteng630813
Vrede,O.V.S.Kerkstraat 43334443
Vredefort,O.V.S.Oranjestraat 16335436
Vredenburg K.P.Hoofstraat 6 Vredenburg521911
VredendalVoortrekkerstraat 15504906
VryburgMarkstraat 88503601
W/Cape Goverment Banking Brnch10 Oswald Pirrow StreetWestern Cape638909
Wadeville TvlH/V Stark En Barfootweg513542
Walker DriveWalker Drive Shopping Centre, Shop 31Port Elizabeth630253
Walmer ParkShop 23/26 Walmer Park Shopping Centre Main Road639017
Walmer Sixth AveShop G17 6Th Avenue Shopping CentrePort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape630537
Warden Street Harrismith31A Southey StreetFree State420133
Warden,O.V.S.39 Piet Retief Street334933
Warrenton,K.P.Uysstraat 54B334501
Watercrest MallShop Lg 12Kwa-Zulu Natal630086
Waterfall Mall1 Augrabies Ave Cashen Ext 12334646
WaterfrontUnion Castle BuildingWestern Cape630884
WaverleyWaverley Shopping Centre 1116 Hertzog St Waverly337245
WelkomCnr Ryk & Elizabeth Sts420035
WelkomCnr Ryk & Elizabeth630135
Welkom Loan Centre32 Bok StreetFree State630712
Welkom SouthC/O Ryk & Elizabeth Str.501835
Wellington Rd DurbanvilleCnr Oxford & Wellington Streets539310
Wellington*Kerkstraat 35-37334510
WesfleurShop Ls15 Atlantis ShoppingDassenberg630197
Wesselsbron,O.V.S.Absa Building Erwee StreetFree State334835
West Rand Rac 8050United Bldg 20 Goldman Street630541
West Street Park Loan CentreShop 4/5 West Street ParkadeGauteng630762
Westburger Street BloemfonteinAllied House C/O Maitland & We420134
Western Cape Smme FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630151
Western Cape Usaid FundAbsa Towers West, 3Rd Floor OrangeGauteng630139
Westgate Banking MallShops 177 & 178,Westgate Shopping Centre420741
Westgate CentreWestgate Shopping Centre L49Roodepoort630659
Westgate Mall Cape TownShop 27 Westgate MallCape Town, Western Cape630953
Westgate TvlWestgate Banking Mall Shop L25 Westgate Shop513641
Westonaria,Tvl*Pakemanstraat 3334641
WestvilleBuckingham TerraceKwa Zulu Natal630598
Wierda Park177 Koedoe StreetPretoria, Gauteng630665
Willowmore,K.P.Knysnastraat 41334414
WiloppiesAustin Crossing CentreKlerksdorp630667
Winburg,O.V.S.Southey Terracestr 4334935
Windermere DurbanWindermere CentreDurban, Kwa Zulu Natal630623
WinkelspruitKingsburgh Centre, Shop 29 Pick & PayDurban630585
WitbankTrust Bank Centre Eadie Street420050
Witbank Cheque Processing624550
Witbank Loan Centre630682
Witbank, TvlCnr Haig & Rhodes St503750
Witrivier,Tvl*White River Square, Shop 22 Erf 2513Mpumalanga334452
Woburn Avenue BenoniSanburn Gebou Woburnstraat 68502042
Wolf Street Kempton Park7 Wolf Street334642
Wolmaransstad,Tvl*Krugerstraat 18A Wolmaranssta334738
Wolseley,K.P.Eeufeesstraat 17A334507
Wonder ParkShop 106 Wonder ParkPretoria630339
WoodlandsShop 6A & 6B Woodlands Boulevard CenterPretoria630193
Woodstock, KaapstadVictoriaweg 264512809
Worcester49A High Street420007
Wps / Flexi Bank18 Broadway631426
Wynberg Cape TownTrust Bank Building,66-72 Main Road630709
Wynberg Loan CentreJohnson House Ground FloorWestern Cape630787
Wynberg, KpSanlam-Sentrum505309
Yeoville76 Raliegh StreetGauteng630819
York Street GeorgeYorkstraat 91334114
Zastron,O.V.S.Cnr Majozi & Mathew StreetsFree State334632
Zeerust Loan CentreCnr Kerk & President StreetsNort West630697
Zeerust,Tvl*C/O Church President StrsNorth West334340
ZevenwachtShop 122 & 124 Zevenwacht MallWestern Province630758
Zpevenwacht KuilsrevierShop 122 & 124 Zevenwacht Mall Cnr Jan VanCape Town630798

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